How To Go About It When Sex Feels Better With Your Ex Than With Your Current Partner

Several times most people feel bad when they feel that they are not having a good sex in their new relationship just like the way it use to be with their ex. Although it looks daunting but there are things you could do with your new partner that can actually bring an end to that mishap-- perhaps no one is born a stud.

When it comes to having sex, sex is an act that requires practice and some few techniques one needs to master--- regardless of you race or ethnic background, everyone have the tendency of being a sophisticated sexual machine except some few exceptions most especially medical conditions. So do not be discouraged or disappointed in you new partner that would make you wish if you could go back to your ex.

Here are things you need to do to help your current relationship.

Open Communicate

If you have been inclined to a particular sexual standard that you think your current partner can not keep up with, the first wise thing to do is to communicate about it openly. Ideally, it is better and even advisable to have these conversations before kick-starting the relationship but if you have begun the relationship already and their performance is not matching up to your expectations, you have to talk about it. You need to tell him or her what you like an how you like it, while, of course, listening to what they want and how they want it, too.

Invest effort into it

Make sure you put an effort into solving the problem with your partner because it's not just his problem alone but the both of you.

Give it time

Obviously, if your partner is not meeting up with your standard sexually, it is because they don’t know how to.

To reach the level of sexual performance you want them to play from may require a bit of time and you must be willing to give it to them.

Distant your self from Your ex

It will be better if you limit the way you still kick around with your ex. Because right now you are vulnerable so any little mistake can make you cheat on your current partner with your ex and of which you may not want to do that.

Back-off when things are not going the way you want

Sex is a very important in relationships and marriages. A lack of it is cause for infidelity many times. So if your partner could never match up despite several tries and it means so much to you to always have great sex, then having to quit the relationship would be a nice idea.

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