The Zero Waste Environment

Apr 05, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

The earth is a gift sent by God to man so that man can dominate, live, and explore for the betterment of humanity. But if we must live healthy in it, we must be willing to do something to make it safer.
We all know but too well that the planet is in danger and that we are in danger together with many species that are disappearing one after the other. Our governments have complex political and economical agendas that prevent them from taking the necessary actions to improve this critical situation.

Change is needed but governments can’t implement it. So what? Are we just going to stay there doing nothing and watch everything around us die? We think that we have no power but we have the power to change things. We are the ones who can implement changes! How? There are many different ways but the common idea is that change has to start within each one of us. Changing our consumer habits to clearly send corporations the message that we do not want to destroy the Earth (for our children) so they can max up on profits.

The Zero Waste philosophy is one of the ways we can start stirring the ship back in the right direction.
The Zero Waste (ZW) philosophy is a responsible lifestyle that enhances health and reduces wastes to a bare minimum. We must learn to avoid an unregulated waste disposal in the environment.

We must learn to encourage the technological advancement of Biodegradation and Recycling. Industries waste should be well treated before disposal thus they can either be biodegraded or recycled.  Waste is the root cause of pollution. if we can curb this effect, the earth and its environment will become more safer to live.

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