How To Answer Common Interview Questions

Oct 02, 2018 ruth adetayo
While there are a thousand and one interview questions, most candidates tend to get stuck in the 3 listed below. 

1. Tell us about yourself

Talking endlessly about what you want, how this job is the direction you want to go in your career, and how the experience would be great for you or your numerous hobbies is meaningless info to an interviewer. Keep your answer short and straight to the point. The past achievements you want the interviewer to know is what should come out first, sum it up with how it makes you suitable for the role.

2. How did you find out about this position

It doesnít matter how you got to hear about the vacancy, whatís important is how to answer it in a very smart way. If you found out through a friend, drop the person's name and explain why it got your attention.

3. What are you salary requirements 

With your knowledge of the company and the skills you possess, you should be able to pinpoint the salary youíre aiming for. However, itís best to leave it a bit higher than what youíre hoping for, but make sure you let the interviewer know youíre open to negotiations.

On a side note, donít be afraid to admit if you were fired from your previous employment and always keep your tone positive about past employers. Read about the company youíre having an interview with, so you can ask questions of your own at the end of the interview. But, be careful to avoid asking personal questions. 

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