Common Interview Mistakes

With my job on the field and previous job experiences, I've been able to narrow down some common interview mistakes, I see candidates make often times than not. Without wasting anymore of your time, here are the most common interview mistakes I see people make.

1. Arriving late

This can really hurt your chances of getting that dream job of your choice. Especially if the interviewer is very peculiar about time. Since, there's no sure way of knowing that fact, it's best to arrive on time to avoid this.

2. Arriving too early

Don't be surprised seeing this culprit on the list. Arriving before schedule can cause a nuisance to the interviewer since they were not yet ready to meet you. To be on a safer note, it's advisable to get there 15-10mins before schedule. This will give you enough time to get acquainted with the company and announce your arrival.

3. Appearing unpolished

Although going to an interview is not a fashion show, but it is better you look put together. Don't go in rumpled clothes and looking all sweaty. First impressions matters a lot.

4. Not bringing your CV

It is believed that the interviewer already has your CV on hand, but anything can happen. So it is always good to go with extras, so you're prepared for anything.

5. Lack of enthusiasm 

Slumping your shoulders, lack of eye contact, slowness to respond to questions, and a general lack of interest for the company or role. While it may not be a dream job for you, but you clearly need it else you won't be there for the interview. All these should be eliminated, if you want your interview to be a success.

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