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Dec 04, 2017 By Don Sole 6.1K

The phrase above has successfully driven our Nation to where it is today with an unseen force that has wrongly justify the " its not my business and its doesn't concern me" as we unconsciously used it without examining the great negative effects that befalls it after.

Its not my business and its doesn't concern me. Today, we have for ourselves an ungodly environment to toil our businesses and for our livelihood simply because we are all minding our businesses. Truly, one can only harvest what he or she has planted and also to how one enjoy his rest depends on how he lay his bed. We often forgets that it in our hands to make and have the best society for ourselves as no one can take care you more than yourself.

We have gamble a lot over years by entrusting the the livelihood and security of our businesses, families, farms and our nation at large with wrong people in the name of politics, reasons been that we neglect our responsibilities as nations builders, we fair to trust ourselves and take mantle of leadership to lead our families, friends and colleagues but trust and give the Mantle to wrong people, we became very lazy to work and hired people that could not work so that we can sit and criticize, we kept quiet when the truth was needed just because of our selfish interest, we buried our consciousness because of greed, how then do we anticipate heaven on earth when we have worked for something else? But this is the community " Its not my business and it's doesn't concern me" could have for us.

You walk pass a child who need to be corrected simply because he is not your child or relations thinking it doesn't concern you or its not your business, but you anticipate a society free of crime when you didn't prepare for it, but amazingly what ever becomes of that child in the future been it good or bad his dwelling place is still the society where you are dwelling too. We have accused government of been responsible for virtually every thing that has befallen us but fair to notice our deliberate negligence to the little role we ought to have played that would have gain us what we had worked for at little or no cost.

Lets stand up for our responsibilities as nation builders, let's play our role no matter how insignificant its seem, lets not be mute when the truth is needed, we are great and richly blessed with different abilities to have the best we deserved by our creator. Let be just in our dealings above all let love and care for one another for ITS OUR BUSINESS AND IT'S CONCERNS US!!!

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