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Hacks For Saving Money On Airline Baggage Fees

Getting the best flight deals is more difficult due to rising and surprising baggage fees. If you are not careful, you may be paying ridiculous fees for your baggage particularly if you do not pack light.  These tips highlighted by Obiaks Blog will help you save money on baggage fees.

Know the fees
The first step to saving money on baggage fees is to know how much an airline charges for baggage. You should do this before you book your flight because different airlines impose various prices for different baggage. This will help you choose the airline that has the most affordable baggage fee.

Look into alternative shipping methods
If moving your luggage via an airline seems expensive, you may want to try other cost-efficient shipping methods.

Carry-on everything
The smartest way to avoid baggage fees is not to check-in any bags. Most airlines allow passengers one free carry-on and one free personal item You can take advantage of this by overstuffing your backpack–as long as it can fit under the seat in front of you.

Pack light
If you are really serious about saving money on airline baggage, imbibe the habit of packing light because airlines charge extra for bags that exceed 20kg.

Pay baggage fees in advance
Some airlines offer a discount on bags if you pay for them in advance. But if you wait until you arrive at the airport to check-in your baggage, you will probably pay more.

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