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Simple Tips To Avoid Having a Bad Holiday

Oct 24, 2017 By Damilola Ojo 2.1K
Holidays are a great time to relax, unwind and have fun either alone or with friends, family or even lovers. However, neglecting some vital things can jeopardize the quality of your holiday and leave you with a bad experience. Obiaks Blog shares 5 simple tips to help you avoid having a bad holiday.

Don't Rely on the Star Rating System
The fact is that there is no universal star rating system it's different in every country and is sometimes based on very different parameters. Therefore, relying solely on the star rating system to choose hotels, getaways or locations for your holiday might see you ending up in very poor quality places with a four or five star rating. When choosing hotels, getaways or locations, it is best to either ask the right questions (that is, questions relating to facilities and amenities you expect to see etc.) when you book or find out what travelers have to say about these places on websites like tripadvisor.

Make Your Travel Plans with One Travel/Tour Operator
To avoid hassles and stress, it is best to make your travel plans with one reliable and trusted travel/tour operator. This way, even if there is a complaint it will be more straightforward and easier for you to resolve. 

If You Have a Problem, Make a Complaint
Often times, if one or two things go awry on a holiday, travelers complain to themselves rather than the hotel or travel company. This should not be so because if as  a traveler, you don't make your complaint to the hotel or travel company, it invalidates your complaint because the hotel or travel company won't have a chance to potentially rectify or resolve your problem. If you make a complaint, the concerned party (that is, either the hotel or travel company) might in the end be able to resolve your problem and you can then go on to enjoy the rest of your holiday.

Always Read the Small Print
Whether you are dealing with a travel company or making your holiday plans on your own, you must ensure that you read the small print of any deal that's on offer so you won't have a rude awakening to the reality of things after the fact. For example, if you come across an 'all-inclusive' offer, you need to ensure you ask questions to find out what exactly the 'all-inclusive' means before proceeding to accept or pay for the deal.

Always Take Photocopies of Important Documents
This goes without saying and really needs little or no explanation. Always ensure you have photocopies of important documents just in case anything unexpected happens. Also, be sure to never leave any of your important documents or valuables on display in your hotel room, whether the door is locked or not.

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