Smart Ways To Use Tech In The Classroom

The age of information and technology is at its peak and many are resorting to emerging technological advances to improve the quality of their lives and ease their work process. One of such people are teacher, lecturers and the like, who are steadily taking advantage of technology to enhance their teaching processes and lighten their workload.

Using Videos For Mini Lessons
This is a smart way to resonate effectively with visual learners. Teachers, lecturers and the like can add videos to your lesson plans to shake things up in a positive and interesting way for your students. They can also find or make relevant videos on specific topics or study areas, and play for students to listen to and learn from. This helps to further improve the students' understanding of the topic or subject being taught. There are many websites that host teacher-made video content, which can help teachers with getting videos for mini lessons. TeacherTube, is an example of such websites, it's like an education only version of YouTube.

Organizing Live Videos
As a teacher or lecturer, you can actually co-ordinate live videos for your students and invite guest lecturers or industry experts to deliver lessons to your students using conferencing technology. What make this method so great for the learning is that, it makes it easier for guest lecturers or industry experts to help educate your students on related subjects, with little or no stress. It can really help to expose students to new ideas and lighten your workload as a teacher or lecturer. Additionally, you can ask your students to prepare questions while listening to the live lecture, and ask the guest lecturer about them afterwards to make the process more interactive. Skype and Google Hangouts are great conferencing technologies to use for organizing live videos, and Skype even has a list of guest speakers who are willing to voluntarily speak out about their topics of expertise.

Set Up Student Blogs
Blogging can be a great creative outlet for students, especially for those in language arts classes and other writing-centric subjects or courses. Wordpress is a great blogging platform to consider using and it can be used to host each student's blog. Some of the products that students can create on the blog include: poems, short essays, movie or book reviews, diary entries from perspectives of historical figures or characters in a book or novel etc. Once you set up a blog for your students, blogging can easily become one of the easiest ways to introduce and use technology in the classroom.

Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data or knowledge that is intended to present information in a quick, clear and easy to understand way. It is a great way to summarize your lessons to your students in a visual, colourful and concise way. There are many free online infographic makers that teachers can take advantage of to create infographics to use as teaching tools in the classroom.

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