Ultimate Tips For Surviving Overnight Bus Trip

Taking overnight bus is often something many travellers don't look forward to due to the risks involved. The driver may overspeed in order to cover more kilometres, the bus may break down in the middle of nowhere and of course, there is little or no security. Hence, travellers either prefer to fly or take a day bus. Regardless, there are situations whereby you have no choice than to take a night bus. Will you abandon your journey at this point? No, you have to travel no matter how terrified you are. Do not worry, Obiaks Blog has got your back as we share tips for taking and surviving overnight bus trip.

Take a reliable transporter
You will find uncountable buses ferrying people to different destinations at terminals in Lagos. Do not just jump on anyone because of the enticing or giveaway price. Go to the main park to get a bus. Also, endeavour to book a bus in good condition so that you do not experience frequent bus breakdowns. If you do not want to go through this, you can call your friend to recommend good night buses before going to the bus station.

Arrive early
Travelling in the night does not mean you should arrive late at the park. If you do, you may not find any night bus. By 5pm, all the seats may have been sold out and by latest 6pm, they are off. So, arrive early.

Do not keep money and valuables in one place
No bus will stop for you to use ATM in case you need cash. Therefore, you should carry enough cash on you. This said, do not keep your money and other valuables in one place. Endeavour to distribute them into different places so that you will not be stranded in the event of theft.

Be careful what you eat and drink
Any food that will prompt you to use the restroom must be avoided. At the same time, do not drink too much water. The driver may just ignore your pleas to stop for you to ease yourself.

Dress for the cold
You might be sweating by the time you arrive at the bus station, but it's amazing what a few hours of air-conditioning can do for your body temperature. Keep a warm jumper handy and consider taking a big scarf as well. You do not know when you may need it.

Bring power bank and headphones
Your headphones will come in handy when you are not talking to your seatmate. You can listen to your favourite song. As for the power bank, you can use it when your phone battery is low.

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