Important Questions To Ask Before Accepting A Flight Voucher

Sometimes when you fly, situations may arise where an airline owes you something. It may be because of a delay, lost baggage, cancellation or rescheduled flight. To appease or compensate you, the airline is likely to offer you a voucher (s). Although the airline is handing out the voucher as compensation, there are terms and conditions for using them.

How long are the vouchers valid? 
Unless you are a frequent flyer, a voucher may be useless if it is expiring in two or three months. You may probably want to demand another form of compensation.

Can someone else use it?
Is the voucher limited to you, or can someone else use it? Many airline vouchers may be used only by the person who initially received it for his or her own travel. So, do not hesitate to make this clarification.

Worth of the voucher?
The worth of a voucher is generally determined by the circumstances that prompted the issuance of vouchers. For example, the worth of a voucher for flight cancellation may be more than the one for the loss of luggage. Also, ensure that the voucher worth covers the loss you incurred before accepting it.

How many times can you use it? 
Some vouchers are valid for only one transaction, even when the transaction is less than the face value of the voucher. For example, if you use a N10,000 airline voucher to buy a N5,000 ticket, you might not be able to use the remaining N5,000 to purchase a second ticket. Instead, you lose that value.

Can you get cash instead? 
This question is important if you do not want vouchers. If the response is negative, it is advisable you accept the voucher. This will prevent you from losing on both sides.

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