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Best Spots To Get The Tastiest Shawarma In Lagos

Although originally an Arabian snack, many Nigerians have wholeheartedly embraced shawarma and made it their own. There is now Nigerian shawarma! In Lagos, Nigeria's commercial nerve centre, shawarma is sold nearly everywhere from street vendors to eateries and supermarkets. This seeming proliferation of shawarma spots has, to a very large extent, lowered its quality because every tom, dick and harry seem to make the snack. Therefore, lovers of the snack are constantly scouting for best places to get the tastiest shawarma in Lagos.

Shawarma & Co
This is one of the well-known shawarma spots in Lagos. They have branches in Oniru, Ikeja, Jakande and Victoria Island. Shawarma & Co menu options include Chicken shawarma, Spicy chicken suyarma and Beef shawarma among others.

Shawarma Express
Shawarma Express is located in Masha, Surulere, Lagos. They specialise in shawarma but you can also get snacks and drinks.

Charcoal offers different menus that also include shawarma. It is located at the Palms Lekki.

Food O clock restaurant
At Food O Clock, you will be treated not only to shawarma but also Chinese cuisine, shrimp fried rice and fruit smoothies.

La Mango
La Mango is an upscale restaurant and bar in Ikeja. It is one of the restaurants that has a stand which caters for customers who crave shawarma and other grilled menus.

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