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Cool Gadgets That Will Help You Get More Sleep

Sep 28, 2017 By Adeniyi ogunfowoke 1.7K
Getting a good 8-hour sleep keeps your body functioning at its best. Yet, quite a number of individuals don't get enough and a leading cause of sleepless nights is gadgets. Although many gadgets prevent sleep, advances in technology have brought a number of devices that can help you get more sleep. In line with this, Jumia Travel, the leading online travel agency shares some of these gadgets.

Wearable sleep tracker

Wearable sleep trackers can provide a fascinating insight into how you sleep. It would give you useful information about the quality of your sleep, measures light, noise and temperature in the bedroom and importantly, helps you take steps to improve it.

Smart pillow

The smart pillow is laced with sensors that record body movements, sleep patterns and noise. It also offers personalised sleeping tips via a smartphone app which you can download.

Smart pyjamas

The smart pyjamas was specifically developed for persons who are looking to get more sleep. The sleepwear promotes longer and sounder sleep by cooling off the infrared heat emissions from your body.


A smartwatch uses six sensors to measure heart rate, skin electricity, sweat and body temperature. In addition, it breaks down your sleep patterns into light and deep sleep and analyses the quality of shut-eye you are getting.

Smart earbud

If you are unable to get enough sleep due to the sound of generators and other surrounding noise, the best solution to this problem is a smart earbud.  It will drown out the noise and you can sleep like a baby.

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