Reasons You Are Farting Excessively

Everybody farts. This is not open to argument. But when you fart often and it smells like a dead rat, it is a cause for concern. This is because very soon you will be identified as the one messing up the ambience and this can be very embarrassing.  So, if you are releasing farts at an unusually steady rate.

You are always drinking soft beverages
For those addicted to carbonated or soft drinks, you are more likely to pass out gas because it causes air to be trapped in the colon. So, try to cut down on the number of beverages you down daily to minimize farting.

You are constipated
This is a condition whereby you find it difficult to empty your bowels. The consequence of this is farting.

Consuming  too much dairy products
This is for those who love milk, cheese, ice cream and other dairies. Quit all dairy for a few days and you will feel more at ease with yourself. Perhaps, it may be time to completely abandon dairies.

Being stressed is another reason why some people fart. Therefore, try as much as possible to relax. Farting is a sign that you are stressed. Hence, take a break or vacation.

Eating too many sweet things
It is sometimes difficult for artificial sugar to dissolve or digest in the body. It takes a whole lot of time especially when your body is loaded with it. 

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