Tips To Run A Business While Still Employed

It is never easy to start a business especially in this economic situation in Nigeria. It is even more demanding and difficult for those who are working and also running a side business. But you have no choice than to have a side business. If not for anything but to diversify your sources of income. So, you should know that you can successfully run your business while being employed. You don't have to leave your job. Jumia Travel shares tips on how to pull this off.

Ensure they don't clash

No matter how demanding and exerting your 9 to 5 job or your side hustle is, you should ensure that they don't clash or separate. If you need to attend meetings, you should schedule it in such a way that you won't be questioned afterward. Remember that you need both jobs to keep body and soul together.

No need to keep your side business secret

Depending on your position at work, you should let people know that you have a side business. You don't need to keep it hidden. This is easier for persons in the line managers as they can inform the managing Directors without any fear. For others, you can inform your friends. And depending on your relationship with your line manager, you can inform them.

Manage your time

If you are able to keep your day job and side business separate, you should do same with time. The way you manage your time will make running two jobs less cumbersome and frustrating.

Check your lifestyle

Your lifestyle can also go a long way in determining how well you run both jobs. If you party every weekend, it may be time to reduce the time spent partying. This will get you to get more done and you can also sleep more.

Get help

If you cannot run your business smoothly without it affecting your daily job, you should consider getting help. This will reduce the stress and burden on you. You don't get help from just anyone but someone who is reliable and trustworthy.

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