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Ultimate guide to organise a successful Tweet chat

May 21, 2017 By Obiaks 1.9K

The trend on twitter today is to organise tweet chats to help generate a buzz around a particular activity. These chats can be used to advance a cause, discuss a political event, and promote a particular product or service. It's therefore, important to take advantage of this platform to engage your audience as well as get feedback. 

Choose a Hashtag (#)

It is essential to choose an appropriate and related hashtag for your Tweetchat. The hashtag makes it easier for you to interact with your audience and ensures that you are able to track the flow of the conversation long after the chat is over. It is important that your hashtag must be related to the topic you are discussing. And also remember to promote the Tweetchat  on your website.

Time, day, and duration of the Tweetchat

The time and date for the Tweetchat must be carefully selected if you really want more contributions from twitter users. It's not advisable to fix the time for a Tweetchat when users are at work. Better still, to determine the best period of the day users are more active on Twitter, you can use apps that monitor web-traffic to make sound choices. As for duration, the minimum is 30 minutes and the maximum is an hour.

Confirm the panelists for the tweet chat

The panelists who will be engaged in the Tweetchat must be confirmed prior to the chat. The panellists must have a very solid social media presence and they should be able to drive engagements as well as retweets; you can not engage a panellist who knows nothing about Twitter.

Tweetchat moderator

The chat moderator does not necessarily have to come from the organisers of the Tweetchat. You can use a Twitter influencer or a celebrity who is social media savvy so that they can attract more Twitter users to the chat.

Promote your Tweetchat via Twitter or Facebook

Start your Tweet promotion a few weeks before the Tweetchat. You can decide to trend hype on the chat on Twitter as well as share graphic designs on the chat on Facebook. The design must feature invited panelists, Twitter handles of the participants, topics, and hashtags.

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