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Still using a Desktop computer? Here are 6 reasons to change it!

May 20, 2017 By Obiaks 2K

Technology is evolving rapidly in the 21st century. The world of computers has also changed from supercomputers to the desktop computer to the laptop and notebook. However, some persons or organizations are yet to flow with the technology wave as they still use desktop computers. Although in some economic sectors, desktop computers are still relevant, components of computers are fast becoming  miniaturized to make them more efficient. If you are still using a desktop computer in your home or office, here are six reasons why you should move on to something more modern.

No longer fashionable

Imagine potential clients visit your office and they see desktop computers all over your office, what will they think about your organization. It is simple - your organization is not dynamic and has refused to move with time and they may question whether it is appropriate to do business with you or not. For example in a news organization, you do not expect to find a desktop computer.  


Desktop computers are usually rooted to a particular spot and this is a primary  disadvantage of big PCs. Presently, many people are on the move and they also take their work assignments home. This is why a laptop is very widely used due to its portability. This is not possible with a desktop computer.


Long before the arrival of laptops, desktops were the most affordable computer go for. However, with the coming of notebooks, and Chromebooks as well as laptops; it has significantly crashed the price for computers. So, keep a desktop computer when you can buy a portable and inexpensive computer?

Gaming and entertainment

There is a limit to which you can use desktop computers for entertainment and gaming. For a laptop, you can attach Virtual Reality Gaming system which has comprehensively changed the way people play games. This not really possible with a desktop computer.

Specification and performance

The speed of a computer is an important factor to consider when buying one. The specification, speed, and performance of a desktop computer are improving daily that the desktop computers are will soon be sparingly produced all because of the electrifying speed of laptops.

General Purpose

With an ultrabook, you can use it for daily work schedule as well as take pictures and browse social media on the go. This is because it foldable and portable. Even smartphones have further dealt a death blow to desktop computers.

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