Linkedin Photo Ideas That Will Get You Noticed

LinkedIn is one of the most professional social networks in the world. It is, therefore, important for a social media savvy individual to build their profile by creating an impression using the right photos. This is because a good photo can get you easily noticed by many people and organizations on LinkedIn. 

Background of picture must be clear

The best background for a LinkedIn photo should be white while ensuring that the camera is focused on your face rather than behind you. Importantly, there should be no signs or pictures on the wall.

Use natural light

When you want to take your picture for LinkedIn, there is no need to use a flash. Natural light with little or no editing is better as it will make the photo appear original. Also, avoid direct sunlight to avoid any shadows.

Be professional with your outfit

Your outfit tells so much about your personality. And since LinkedIn is not like the normal social network where you can post selfies wearing whatever you like. You should not do this to with LinkedIn. You should cover up to appear professional.

Do not try to be funny

You should avoid all the pose you do when taking selfies like mouth pouting and the likes. This is not the type of picture you are expected to post on LinkedIn. LinkedIn is much more serious.

Intermittently change your picture  

Changing your pictures is another way to get noticed on LinkedIn. Replace your pictures from time to time makes your profile or page appear new and different. When people scan your page, it will not be the same always.

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