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Find Out What your Nightmare Means And Its Remedy

Apr 07, 2017 By best 2.3K

A nightmare according to online definition is a bad dream or an unpleasant dream that cause a strong emotional response from the mind such as fear, despair, anxiety and great sadness. Some people suffer from occasional nightmare while others experience them every night. Though a lot of person associate nightmares with the spiritual, but mental health expert and psychologist believes that nightmares emanate from our minds.

Dream analysts opined that nightmares mostly occurred when our brain processes the things we had experienced in the past days or weeks .Dr. Hunch Dutch believes that terrifying dreams or nightmares are insight to what our body is undergoing emotionally, mentally and physically.

Most times we experience these terrible nightmares of being chased, suffocated, seeing unknown monsters, and feeling trapped or being face to face with scary scenarios. Mental experts have given meanings to all these and its remedy. All you need do is to find out what it means and how to keep such build- up at bay.

Inability to move while dreaming

Experts give an explanation to through a simple term called sleep paralysis. This means that our minds wake up ahead of our body. it is explained that it is nature's way of keeping us away from getting up, acting out our dream and in the process hurt ourselves. When the mind and the body are not in sync for some seconds, we can say we have been paralyzed. In the situation, we can just lay still for few seconds and in no time, we will be okay said dream analysts.

Breathing difficulty or exhaustion nightmare

If you dream of being restricted, have difficulty in breathing, becomes breathless or exhausted. experts says  it a sign you may not be having  enough sleeping or personal space and your night wears are not quite free on you. so to stop these occurrences, sleep in a well ventilated room, with enough sleeping space and loosen up all our night clothing on you before going to bed.

Death nightmare

Another scary dream for most people is seeing oneself death or a loved one. Mental health experts pinned this on fear of the unknown. When we dwell so much on our fears, anxieties and negatives vibes concerning ourselves and loved ones. We tend to bring it to bear in our dreams. To help keep this dream at bay, it is advised by Dr. Lorrie Bach that we focus our minds on positive things, discard old attitudes and behavior that are detrimental to our well being and embrace new, vibrant and creative ways of doing things. Kill every form of fear, intimidation and negativity.

Nightmare of being in a car without control or just lost control

Nightmare of being in a speeding car that just lost control, according to dream analysts simply indicate that one has the feeling that he or she has lost control over some specific aspect of his or her life. You seem overwhelm with life's happenings and you're no longer in control. to stop this replay in your head, you need to ease up things for yourself like taking a break ,see the bright side of life, wake up each day with the feeling of optimistic not of despair or a victim in all areas of your life,

Hot chased nightmare

Experts pinpoint that being chased in dreams simply indicate that ,there is something we are trying to run away from, are you running away from debtors, medical problems ,financial crisis etc. then the remedy to this nightmare is to face your life challenges real about your problems. Seek advice and help where necessary.

Being trapped nightmare

Analysts says being trapped in a dream simply connote unconscious fears or beliefs trapped in what you do not really like or believe in.  it could be a job, relationship, eating habits, friends you keep etc. so the best bet for this dream is to re-examine your life  to either fix or amend it properly. Let go of what really troubled your spirit and keeps you static.

Invasion nightmare

This is having a scary dream of your house, shop or office being broken into by hoodlums. well, analysts says the dreaming mind may be picking up the early stages of a bacterial or viral invasion or it could mean that one areas of life like physical, emotional, mental life have been invaded and they're left helpless. The best solution to this is to live your life for yourself. Be in control of your life, apply the best solution to every problem be it physical, health-wise, psychologically etc. refrain from being at the mercy of any one.

There you have them, instead of running helter shelter when you're confronted with these scary dreams, try to look inward and remedy the situation. You can add to this article by sharing your thoughts about this write up in the comments section.   

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