Technology; Magical Things You Can Do With Your Smartphone

The world of technology is a world of endless possibilities. We are confronted with creative and unbelievable ways of doing things daily with our different gadgets and devices. Life is becoming easier by the day. Most times we could buy a particular device for just one use but it will shock you to do that ,that device can be quite helpful in diverse ways

One of such magical device is our Smartphone. A lot of times people purchase this device for the primary aim of making or receiving calls or even the secondary aim of showing off their latest acquisition but in the real sense, they ‘re more important, dynamic, helpful and unbelievable functions that can  be carried out by this device

They' re enormous apps installed in our smart phones and most times we are not aware of their functions and we while away our non –existent time playing mostly games .well, look at your device now to locate some of these magical apps to know the magic you can perform with them.

Samsung power sleep app

This app on your smart phone can help you fight cancer and other hard-to-cure diseases. What this app does is to leverage on the computational power of the mobile device for the cause. The software analyzes data at night, when connected to a charger, and then upload the results to help health researchers in their anti-cancer studies.

Sound hound

For lovers of music, this app is your best bet. It helps to track down the songs you like but you can hardly recognize. You don't need to keep on refreshing your playlist. Sound hound will help play the song automatically, all you need do to hold your phone up to a speaker or poorly sing a song and the app will recognize the song and start playing it immediately or be identified .so you could listen to it, download it or share it with friends on social media.

Heart rate app

You no longer need to check or count your heartbeats with your two fingers placed on your artery and timing with a wristwatch. All what you need do is to use the heart rate app on your phone. Simply touch the phone screen with installed heart rate app on it and the phone's camera will scan your blood flow to calculate your pulse rate.

Mobile mouse pro app

This app. helps turn your Smartphone into a remote mouse or keyboard. This app enable the accelerometer in-built in the phone to move the mouse pointer on the monitor screen when wave at with a mobile mouse pro app installed Smartphone. You can equally use your phone's screen as a touch pad or an on screen keyboard to type.

Accessing your phone without your phone

Your Smartphone can be accessed anywhere with or without your phone. So don't worry about not having your information without your phone. What you need do is to log into another Smartphone as a guest user. So start sharing your device with other people by adding users and setting the right information that they can have access to or not.

Smart phones can help you locate your missing phone

You can simply Google where you can find your misplaced phone, no need of scanning the whole house any longer. Just type finds my phone into Google on a computer, tablet or laptop and gets a ping to show you where it is. To fully enjoy this feature you need to activate android device manager on your phone and add your Google account to your phone and activate the option to see your device's location in android device manager.

Shopping and selling online

Are you trying to buy new stuff or doing away with old stuff, then simply use the jiji app on your phone to do all your trading stuff. Just click on the app and you will be good to go.


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