Another Nollywood Actress Birthed A Child For A Married Man After A Long Denial.see Photos And Chat

Another Nollywood Actress albeit an upcoming one, Awele Odita,a native of Delta State  has just given birth to a baby boy in the States for a married. This alleged side chic was called out some ago by the second wife of her  lover for dating her husband and getting pregnant for him, which the actress denied ever knowing the man nor being pregnant for him.

The man in the centre of this scandal is one Zargarza with an IG handle @kokozaria_americaboy, a  Lagos  NURTW big wig. The man is alleged to be a serial Lover according to those in the know because he has two lovers already and we waiting to see if Awele would soon be wifed as the third.

Meanwhile the actress has received a rare congratulatory message from her lover's first wife, which Awele returned her good gestures with a thank you message. With this support from the first wife and the serial husband, it seem the second wife who called the actress out for sleeping with her husband might be fighting a lost battle as it appears the actress is not ready to let go of her new –found man and relationship which she believes will be cemented in holy matrimony.

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