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Internet Expression : Blogs, Groups, Forums, Profiles, Events, Chat, And Stories

The Internet has made it very easy and complex to express ourselves. We can express ourselves through many different ways, and as a result it’s difficult to collect all of these media of expression in one place. So what are the different ways that the Internet allows us to express ourselves ?

For amateur authors, it is certainly easier to write. While previously, one had to go through an arduous task of writing proofs, the amateur fiction writers can now express their imagination, at any time by writing on online sites - e.g. different variations of anime/manga, shows, books, movies, etc... such as Inuyasha, Pokemon, Spider Man, Harry Potter, and many more.

If we’re looking for that exciting story, or a calming one, hundreds of stories are there to choose from. Or maybe we want to express ourselves and write one - you can do that. All kinds of categories and sub categories in them; different genres so you can decide what story fits your mood of the day.

Then there’s the socializing aspect. We usually have different groups we’re a part of - different groups of friends, many from college, some from school, family, all kinds. Some sites allow you to create different groups, post profiles and interact with the members, even chat specific to each group. Keep the conversations private !

Of course, you can post your own profile and interact with others by commenting on their profiles, ask to become friends, rate them, share your favorite videos and music, send messages, etc.

Socializing would not be fun if you couldn’t set up and organize an event - invite people who want to get together with. It’s really low risk because you can just send an email to that special person asking for a really innocent get together. Or invite your parents to an event 6 months from now, to make them feel wanted. Of course, you can invite the world to an open event if you want to have a really big party !

The forums are pretty interesting - very CANDID opinions posted by people on a variety of topics. You get a good idea of what people like us are thinking about.

And if you’re not so sure of what’s your opinion on something should be, ask others - develop a poll and see what others think. The way to keep up with the latest trends !

Several sites offer these facilities in 1 place - groups, individuals, events, polls, stories, forums, chat, games in 1 place - whether you want to absorb and read a story, other people’s opinions, view profile; or, if you’re in that extrovert mood, you can form a group, or ask to join one, or reach out and invite someone to a great event. Whether alone or with a group, keeps you company.

So now we can express ourselves in one place, with all kinds of expressions - these sites are an avenue for us to entertain ourselves, to socialize, to post our opinions, or even play online games.

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