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Practicable Tips On Spicing Up Your Sexual Life

It has always been the dream of every man and woman to have an amazing sex life with either his/her partner, lover or spouse. in fact nothing add spice and awesomeness to one's life than a fun-filled sex life. Partners tend to be under psychological, social and even societal pressure if one of the partners is not satisfying the other sexually.

Most times partners are under the pressure to flirt, cheat, go against their vows and ultimately dump their supposedly partners in worst scenarios if the sex life is at the floor. Nothing kills a man ego than weak erection and quick ejaculation. Lot of marriages has been sacrificed and slaughtered on the altar of infidelity because of poor sex life.

Going by the words of Nickky Bransh, A sex therapist in Connecticut, he said “a sex life without active drive is like a life of a dying person without available oxygen”. An active sex life is the life wire for most relationship especially for married couples or else things fall apart.

Using online studies, it was find out that the following is the benefit of having an amazing and active sex life.

Sexual activity helps to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. It keeps the mind fit

Active sex life makes people fall less sick because during sexual activity the body releases certain antibodies which fight off some diseases as recorded by researchers at Wikes University, Pennsylvania.

According to Ms Linda Stan, a professor in Chicago she postulated that active sex life can actually boost one's libido, it makes one crave for more sex and of course, sex becomes better by the day and that way the relationship is more enjoyed not endured.

Frustration, anger and resentment will be a thing of the past. Nothing brings frustration and other depressing emotion than having a poor sex life. Lot of marriages and relationships has been shattered without repairs because of this.

Good sex life helps lower the risk of heart attack,a renowned physiologist has opined that sex is a very good exercise for the heart, it helps bumps up the heart rate and also uses other body muscles, thereby keeping the mind  alert and healthy. So it is necessary to have an active sexual life to be able to balance both your estrogen and testosterone levels.

Recent studies has shown that sex can actually reduce pains, from the research and experiment carried out by some persons in New Jersey, it was concluded that instead of one to take drugs for any pain relieving ,one can go for an orgasm and from observation ,it worked better as a pain killer.

Coming to terms with the benefits of having an amazing sexual life,it is necessary that we strive to better our sexual life, so as to enjoy life to the fullest with our chosen partners devoid of stress, frustration, depression and resentment. If you have been worrying on the ways to do this, well, put into practice the below tips and ride your way into amazing sexual life

Dump masturbation and pornography

Most times we get into the habit of stimulating our genitals for immediate pleasure and gratification, but a health sex Expert has opined th

at such action can ruined ones sexual life. This is because of the problem associated with self servicing. In the long run one tend to be addicted to watching sensual pictures or videos then masturbate for immediate pleasure and this will affect one's sexual life with a partner because one's body is used to immediate orgasm. And of course with a partner without much fondling, you have already climaxed and the rest is history. This will spell doom and a total disaster for your sex life. Leave the above twins alone. So as to reduce early ejaculation and orgasm.

Strive to have a fit and healthy body

Sex experts have reiterated the need for couples and partners to be in good health, strong and fit for any good sexual activities. A weak body cannot be active and agile when it comes to sexual activities. So to enjoy a fruitful sex life encourage yourself to have huge appetite for healthy foods and activities. Dump junks, harmful substances and actions that would be detrimental to your body and subsequently be harmful to your sexual life.

Be youthful

Always remember that age is just a number, nobody is too old for sexual activities, and you can easily mesmerize your partner with your looks, vigour, vitality, energy and strength. Don't be a sloth, drab or a bag of potatoes during any sexual activities, be an active participant and your partner will reciprocate and that way you both will be on the same page. Nobody is old for a good sex life.


Be a replica of your partner

You want an attractive partner, be same. You need a clean and well shaven partner, are you one? You don't need a partner with odor oozing from any part of the body, hope you're good to go too. Whatever is your desirability in a partner please be same because we mostly attract our kind. If your partner is lacking in any area, you could bring him or her to your standard with love.


Be more romantic

You can never go wrong with adding little thrills and excitement to our sexual life. Don't just be onetime hit partners. Help your partner be in the right mood and frame of mind. You mustn't spend a dime; mere slow music could do the magic, look into each other eyes, whisper sweet nothings to one another, let down your head a bit and play most romantic game. Just be into your partner and you have set the ball rolling in earnest.

Dump bad habits

Some addictive habits are quite bad for a fruitful sexual therapists are of the opinion that some habits like smoking, ingesting hard drugs and drinking of alcohol are detrimental to the well being of a good sex life. It is on record that smoke clogs up arteries which limit the flow of blood to the sex cells and alcohol destroys the sex organs which lead to the malfunction of these sex organs. So for a healthy sex life some habits must be eliminated from one's life.



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