Delicious And Healthy Foods That Can Aid Quick Weight Loss

Nutrition plays an important role in a weight loss journey, the right combination of healthy and weight loss foods can quicken weight loss and make one see the desired result in no time. Research has shown that combining a good amount of these weight loss friendly foods with minimal exercise can be all what we need in this progressive journey.

These foods can also be termed as “negative calories foods” because they require more energy to be digested than even the initial food provides and because of lack of calories, these foods can be consumed in good quantities without gaining body fat. These foods according  to a renowned dietician Armani Lass contains a lot of water locked in fibrous matrix, meaning that they're loaded with water and of course water as zero calorie and a lot of fiber and one tend to expend more calories through preparing them, eating, digesting and eliminating these food from the body.

It is a wise thing to note that when we trying to lose weight one has to watch what he/she consumes. because studies has shown that some foods like junk foods, drinks work against weight loss because of their high caloric content and insulin resistance making it impossible to shed any pound.

From a recent study, the following were listed as benefits of eating these delicious and weight loss friendly foods which help to promote weight loss.

These foods are natural foods and as such are as healthy as they come without added chemicals like preservations or addictives added to them

These foods does not only aid weight loss but they supplied the body with vitamins

They are packed full with essential elements for the body well-being

Most of them are loaded with water and of course, taking in enough water is one of the best ways to control appetite

We don't starve ourselves any longer trying to lose weight because with these foods, we can indulge in them without going on a guilt trip of taking- in too much calories because most has minimal calories and some has negative calories.

These foods promote good health as well as fighting diseases and not putting us in any health harm's way

Most importantly, these foods help one feel full throughout the day and enable less consumption of calories from main dishes. This was of course the whole essence of consuming them to control unnecessary cravings throughout the day.

These foods promote insulin sensitivity and not resistance because the latter comes with problems

So have you been trying to lose weight and you have been wondering what to consume to promote and aid a healthy weight loss, well, from my findings you can incorporate these delicious and healthy weight loss foods into your diet to burn more calories and shed pounds.


Most fishes are low in fat and calories, rich in high-quality proteins, very healthy and delicious and as such can promote weight loss. Fish consumption is a better alternative when trying to lose weight because it replaces fattier and higher-calorie cuts of meats like pork, large chunk of beef and other unhealthy meats. Fish consumption doesn't spike insulin, which could lead to storage of fats in the body. There are 109 calories in 100grams of fish compare to 189 calories in the same amount of beef, so one tend to consume lesser calories and of a healthy option too.


This is another delicious and nutritious food that can aid weight loss. This food is quite filling and helps us to reduce our calories intake. Eggs are high in protein and satiety index. It can help keep one full all day and this benefit point to taking in lesser calories per day, which is needed for weight-loss.


This is one of the super foods for weight loss, these foods are high in fiber, antioxidant and nutrients but quite low in calories and they are delicious too. Never forgetting, they're quite filling too. These foods also promote health benefits like reducing the risk of cancer that is often associated with junk foods, fight diabetes and other heart diseases. For your desired result infused these foods into your diets. Examples of good veggie are cabbage, peas, legumes, onions, lentils, spinach, broccoli, peppers, beets etc.


Fruits are healthy, nutritious and delicious and they're loaded with water that brings satiety and helps a person trying to lose weight to consume less of the unhealthy diets. Fruits contains fewer calories than some foods we snack on e.g. a hand of chips contain 137 calories while a 100 grams of apples has 52 calories. Fruits are higher in fiber and pectin, which are fat burner and can help boost a fast metabolism and one expend more calories trying to digest them e.g. of good fruits are apples, strawberries, avocado pears ,grapefruits, blackberries, carrots, cucumbers etc

Nuts and seeds

These foods are high in protein and fiber and are quite nutritious too .they contains healthy nutrients that are beneficial to the body than other unhealthy foods. Being packed full with essential nutrients help to greatly promote insulin sensitivity and bring about satiety which enables the body to suppress huge appetites for intake of more calories but point to weight loss. Nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, hazelnuts, macadamia nuts, sunflower seeds beans, legumes etc are good for the body and also help to lower body weight.


These foods are healthy, nutritious and very filling .these are natural foods devoid of fatty substance and chemicals. They're also low in calories unlike the foods with loaded calories. under this category we have Potatoes, sweet potatoes, cocoyam etc.

Final note, eat these foods to satisfaction but do not stuffed the system with more than it is needed.





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