Top Secrets On How To Find True Love

According to an online definition true love simply means having a special feeling or loving a person, having a special someone, a soul mate or generally a person that can perfectly complement us.

In the words of Richmond Tim, a relationship expert 98% of humans yearn for someone to always be by their side, love them perfectly irrespective of their imperfections, share memories of their lives with and spent the rest of their lives with them at one point or the other. So it is a natural instinct or feelings to always need this one person for ourselves.

 I personally stand by the assertion of Moore Tom, a renowned psychologist that love is no fairy tale, so we should stop looking for a perfect being from an imperfect world but rather try to bring out the best in one another and appreciate those that stand by us against all odds, brave the messiness of the world for our sakes and also help us to experience life to its fullest potential.

You might begin to wonder, what you really need a true love for, well, remember no man is an island and two good heads are better than one. From the book” love is a language” authored by Mackie Brandish PH.D, I would outline the benefits of having a true love as contained in this erotic book.

·         Makes one feel good about oneself and helps keep the mind refreshed  and happy

·         The fact that one loves the other and the love is reciprocated is soothing and comforting especially in the face of difficulties.

·         True love by a partner makes the other partner feels valued, appreciated and respected, this feeling is heavenly.

·         True love can help increase your life span, of course, this is no jokes because stress and worries takes the back seat and you continue to zoom away with your partner in ecstasy

·         True love helps those involved to be glowing and radiating every day. When people are in love, the weight of resentment, loneliness and depression is lifted off the body, which would have made the body sagged and wrinkled under it weight to something radiating and glowing. in fact true love is medicinal it can truly hinder fast aging.

·         True love gives couples perfect peace of mind; nobody is falling under the weight of cheating, flirtation, dishonesty or immoral act. You‘re perfectly loved and you would enjoy every bit of it.

Having listed the above benefits, I think finding, owning and holding true love is the best gift one can ask for and it would be the greatest gift ever to be received from any human. well, if you have been craving for true love and it seem to elude you or you get to have one but they disappear into thin air with little or no reasons. Please try this simple tricks or secrets and you would be glad you did.

Be genuine

To find true love, you must also be true to yourself; you must be willingly to go all the way with your love. A relationship strategist says “let your love matches your action and vice versa”. Be real and transparent, because we attract our likes, you can't be cunning and dubious and expect otherwise. You need true love, then you should also be a true love.

Be a jolly good fellow

You can't exude negative emotion and expect otherwise. A happy person can only attract another happy person because happiness is magnetic and magical. Dump depressing issues and worries that put a permanent frown on your face. Always give a cheerful smiles and warm embrace especially to the opposite sex, that way you would also be attracting happy people that loves cheerfulness and will stick to making you happy. Endeavour to be friendly. Smile and laugh with new acquaintances, it automatically put them in a comfortable and relaxed mood.

Stay connected

Leave your options open, let the right person walk through, don't live in an enclosure and expect a miracle. Go out more often and get to meet new people, expect the right person to be connected to you because you' re beaming the green light of availability. When the gesture is reciprocated please don't shy away from the commitment and connection.

Be a replicate of whom you seek

Be the exact person, you're looking for. Do you need a sexy person? Be one yourself, you need a neat freak, please your home shouldn't be a dumpster, you are in need of a person that exudes charm and charisma but you're the exact opposite. You are looking out for one that can die for you literally. Please be ready to do same. Don't expect to have what can't give. In fact, two can't walk together unless they agree. Don't expect a perfect and superhuman when you cannot be one.

Refine your character

No one would want to stay long with a violent person or someone with a questionable character. Even if you get to woo them to yourself, you would have to work extra hard to keep them unlike someone with a good standing character. So though love is hard work but we don't need to expend energy more than it is necessary. So if your character is not in tuned, try to beat it to a good specification to suit average traits and it is done.

Be focused

Studies have shown that those that go after so many relationships at a time tend to lose all at the end. So it is pertinent that when you find your special person you remain focus. You would never get a true love by being flirtatious. Nobody takes a flirt serious, leave the issue of not wanting to put all your eggs in one basket, it just a fancy statement. In most cases one lose out of all the relationships, focus on making and developing good qualities in you. Make yourself a valuable and a likable person. Nobody will ignore these qualities.

This list is inexhaustible, could you lend your voice to this discuss, by sharing with us your thoughts on this topic.

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