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Ways Of Healing Quickly From A Heart-break

Feb 16, 2017 By best 2.8K

Heart break is a term used to describe crushing grief, anguish and distress often experienced due to the pains and strain of love. Some persons have had mild heart break, some couples of times while some goes through it daily as a way of life and this can really be damaging. Heart break can be a bitter pill to swallow and a very unhealthy diet to consume.

Heart break can be so devastating, findings has recorded that the outcome of heart break can be so intense that it could be said to be beyond physical pains. Physical pains could probably last for some hours or weeks but some heart break takes a whole life time even with all the counseling and therapy from marriage and relationship experts, strategist, coach and therapist.

Harry king a relationship expert listed the following as the causes of heart-break

         Cheating by a partner

         Rejection by a loved one

         Partner's parents disapproval

         Death of a loved one

         When the other partner is not ready for commitment

         The break up decision taken by one partner

         Medical issues like not compatible e-g genotype etc.

         Mutual agreement by both parties due to personal reasons


 Heart break  comes with serious damages  and as such much time and energy shouldn't  be expended on self pity or too much time given for indulging heart break because the more we give room for thought and indulges, the more we get one or more of these bad  effects. It has proven by scientist that the following emanate from break-up:

   Bring about high blood pressure, which give raise to cardiovascular risk.

heart break increase the risk of dying from a heart attack

         Depression, anxiety and traumatic experiences

         Reduces one's self esteem

         Makes one withdrawn and distanced

         It can provoke existential crises

         Brings loneliness and the urge to be alone and in solitude

         Leaves one a victim to stress hormones

Why heart break is a matter of the heart is because, that where love emanates from. It is always the most attacked, that is why we should guard our heart jealousy or else we would be faced with deadly situations

There's no denying the pain of heart break, Experts  have  liken  it to agonizing pain or like a giant hole was pummeled into one's chest, with no hope of repair. But all the same, one has to more away swiftly from that emotion which could be quite intense before one gets burn.  Life is for the living and one must live to one's full potential. Most of us have gone through this path and came out unscathed and yours truly wasn't an exception. So I will be giving these tips from my personal conviction. It worked absolutely right for me and I know too well that it can help heart-broken people out there. So here we go, if you   have been in a fix on how to put your life back on track after a failed relationship.


Move away from source of pains

This is the number one rule in breathing well after your break up. Please leave a long space between you and the person. Nothing shatters the heart every minute, as the reminder of the initial cause of the pains.try to get yourself away from the person's space and face so as to minimize friction and contact. If the emotion is quite intense you could seek the relocation route especially if you know there isn't room for reconciliation.

Get your me time

Another swift healing process factor is having a personal quiet time to reflect on what really went wrong and see how you can move past that stage. Indulging in self- pity will only slow the healing process, so fasten it for yourself because no will do this for you, by getting over it as fast as possible.cry if you need to, caution yourself if need be, do whatever and tell yourself it is the last reflection on this. Get up and never go back to it again. But most importantly tell yourself nobody is worth so much stress and tears, move on to a bigger you. It might not be easy at first, but you will overcome. Just believe.

Learn from your mistakes and forgive

Try something new, work on your mistakes if  you're convince you were at fault, then pick up the lessons and revolve to work on them for a refined result. Don't hate yourself because of that; remember experience is the perfect teacher. Don't go fighting the person or the new friend he or she has got. Learn to forgive and forget. Rejection is quite painful, but let it go and believe a better person is on the way for you.  Don't keep and hold yourself down by not forgiving, let go of all resentment, anger, bitterness and negative energy. Breathe again but only focus on positive energy and vibes.

Get rid of past memories

You will be happier if you live life again without having to see and be close to the person, you could kill 80% of the person memories if you let go of everything that could remind you of the said person. Delete his /her pictures from your devices and social media platforms. Un-follow the person or blocked them from all your social media. If their gifts seem a bad reminder then you could give them out. Basically, this tip is to help you clear your closet of the entire person's memories that could continue to give you heart-ache when you sight them. Help yourself gains back your sanity and emotional stability by letting the past go.

Move on and relive

There's absolutely no need to still hold yourself down with negative emotions. It is a waste of living space. Move away from the hurt, rejection and brokenness and know there's a better person and options out there waiting for you to grab. Make new friends, go out often as needed, and still believe in love because it will certainly color your world. Don't allow your self esteem get so low, brace up for the challenges ahead, if need be you could consult a psychologist or experts in the relationship field, read more and get more exposure. Begin to live again and love yourself more than ever and don't hesitate to embrace love once again. Live and live again.

How did you deal with your heart break if any, Share with us in the comments box.


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