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Natural Foods That Can Boost Fertility

Jan 27, 2017 By best 2.9K

Fertility enhancing foods are foods that should be eaten by trying-to -conceive couples or partners prior to or after conception.


It is on record that nutrients from foods plays very important role in making or marring fertility journey. These foods are nutrients and supplements needed to aid the reproductive system or organs function properly and eliminate hormonal imbalances and abnormalities.


According to a renowned Nutritionist, Ms Basil Gregory, A Nutritionist with fertility institute clinic, Hawaii. Through her investigative study on nutritional values in food, founds out that some foods actually contain nutrients that can boost fertility. She then advised her patients to indulge in these foods during the trying-to-conceive period and it was found out that more pregnancies were recorded than when couples did not indulge in these foods.


There are enormous benefits of consuming these super foods said fertility Consultant, Blair Eddie which includes the following.


·         These fertility boosting foods ensure a healthier pregnancy and totally minimize or out rightly remove risk of birth defects.

These foods help to improve egg quality which gives rise to increase in pregnancy rate against rate of infertility.


·         Fertility foods like beans and legumes are high in healthy protein source and are also rich in Iron that is quite beneficial to the reproductive organs.

These foods help in the proper development of a child's brain, so it will be beneficial to both the child and mother; it helps to boost a baby's intelligence quotient.  

Trying-to-conceive couples or partners need to get these foods into their system because it helps to repair worn out tissue, hereby, keeping the hormones of the body functioning properly. So that pregnancy can occur without stress.

These pregnancy boosting foods also helps prepare the body for pregnancy because of it calcium and protein content.

Taking these natural food serves as antioxidants to detoxify the body of toxins and help the body to reduce inflammation.


Have you being trying to conceive and wondering what to consume to boost fertility rate? Do you want to get pregnant without hassles as you approach that period of looking for a baby? Then work these under listed foods into your menu or diet.


The top natural fertility boosting foods are;


Fruits and veggies

This is one of the best foods to consume before pregnancy, the nutrients from these fruits helps to purge the system of free radicals and toxins hereby, making the system right for pregnancy. Fruits and veggie services as antioxidants and helps reduce inflammation in the body. These foods nutrients reduce spikes in blood sugar in the body and keeps it stable, and also help to eliminate over weight which studies shows that obesity can actually hinder fertility.


Folic acid content food


 Maureen Palin-Wade, A Nutritionist with Dallas fertility clinic advocated for the consumption of folic acid rich content food, because from her findings, the nutrients from these foods ensure that the body is healthy for pregnancy to occur and continuous consumption also helps to eliminate any birth defects in the baby. She listed natural foods rich in folic acid to include cereals, whole grain, vegetable and citrus fruits.400-600mg of folic acid is advised to be taken daily before conception and could be increased to 800mg per day after conception.


Proteinous foods

Recent studies show that eating more protein content food improves egg quality and healthy sperm which is a prerequisite for easy conception, so high quality protein foods should be infused into the diet to eliminate infertility and the rate of IVF patients which treatment doesn't come cheap for most homes. So get your protein foods from sources like white eggs, whole eggs, white meat poultry, fish, beans, legumes and whole soy products.


Natural food containing omega-3 fatty acid

Couples and partners trying- to- conceive must be proactive by working omega-3 fatty acid foods into their diet, it is pertinent that these nutrients is consumed when trying-to-conceive because it helps to stabilize the body hormones and helps the body function properly and even after conception, it goes a long way to help a child's brain develop properly. So don't leave out these magical foods like salads, dried fruits, chai seed oil, flax seed oil, sea foods, spinach etc and the recommended dose for the day is between 1000-2000mg.



Dairy products

These foods help prepare the body for pregnancy. The nutrients from these foods which is protein and calcium helps to fortified the body and keep it healthy, therefore, aiding healthy eggs and sperm with these in tow, pregnancy is bound to occur in no time. So to increase your chances of getting pregnant, work into your diet foods like skim milk, cheese, healthy yogurt and butter.




 This dried fruit is very good for the digestive system which helps the system function smoothly. This fruit is packed with fiber, which help to eliminate the risk of a pregnancy ending half way or any pregnancy related condition like preeclampsia i.e. condition in pregnancy characterized by high blood pressure and fluid retention in the body. It is recommended that 25 grams of prunes should be taken daily


Conclusively, when deliberately trying-to-conceive, there are deliberate steps to achieve this and one of such ways is to watch your diet and also take a proactive step to boost a chance at fertility. The sayings that "we are what we eat "is not a myth but plain fact, so if you want to conceive without hassles ,you need to take the issue of diet and nutrition seriously and work mostly natural fertility boosting foods into your diet. Remember, there are foods to be avoided while trying- to- conceive, so you avoid consuming them as fast as possible.


Have you succeeded with conception through eating fertility boosting foods? Share with us in the comments section your experience and some of the foods that are not on this list.


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