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10 tips on how to get your girl back dis Valentine's Day

Feb 12, 2016 By Sosa 2.1K
Relationships are full of ups and downs, heartaches, emotional scars, phobia for love, disappointments as a result of either the man or the woman messing up or breaking rules/regimes earlier set in the relationship I.e the terms which kept the couple in check.

We all have different coping mechanisms for dealing with heartbreak or emotional / physical death in our relationship. According to couples therapy you must be wiling to fight for what and who you love without a concern of the world and its audience. Breakups can be caused by 2 major factors
(1) Emotional Disconnect
(2) Physical Disconnect.

-Emotional Disconnect:  this is when all the pet names, little jokes, special hand shakes and other gestures of the "heart" are no longer present. Emotional disconnect is very difficult to rekindle because you can't see emotions or sensations but only feel them. Very little of us have control over what we feel.

-Physical Disconnect is the absolute or total loss of physical attraction in a relationship. Most times because someone in the relationship isn't looking like how they used to or taking good care of themselves anymore. A man may seek counsel from his woman, give her all the money, chanel, birkin bags but not still want to have sex or any physical contact with her.

Studies, Journals and Direct Observation have shown that it takes a big fight , breakup, disagreement or long distance for either party to realize what they lost or how much they really loved their partner.

As a man, I have been there ; hurting someone I cared about, enjoying attention from other ladies, forgetting to appreciate or compliment all the little things that I knew would make a difference.  All these things would easily drive away the person we love into the arms of another man. It takes nothing to acknowledge your lady's hair, or that she added extra pepper or salt in the stew or she wears less makeup of recent.

Fellas, Here are 10 tips on how to get your Lady back after an ( Emotional or Physical Disconnect) /a breakup

1) Get Spiritual ( Fasting & Prayers)
2)Admission of Guilt and deflation of Ego
4)Go out of your comfort zone
5)Treat her
6)Eliminate Distractions
7)Express your love through the Arts : Dancing, Singing, Painting, Rapping etc
8)show or renew your commitment
9) Be persistent
10) have a plan or a vow to maintain everything you've worked for.

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