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Do Schools Of Magic Still Exist?

Actual brick and mortar schools that teach black or white magic (i.e. Harry Potter) are hard to find, if they exist at all...or maybe they are so magical that only witches and warlocks can see them at all.
There are, however, many such schools that exist out there in the magical unknown (the Internet). By using magical seeking (Google), you can levitate their locations into your line of vision (computer screen).
The internet is the best school and the most complete source of information that mankind has ever designed. The World Wide Web puts the knowledge of the ages at our fingertips and that, my friend, is REAL magic.
If you really want to learn to do magic tricks, that information is readily available at the David Blaine web site.
You can purchase videos (another bit of magic, in my opinion) that will show you exactly how to perform the magic tricks that you want to learn. Like achieving success at any school, in order to learn to do these video instructed tricks effectively, you must do your homework...practice, practice, practice.
There really isn't anything magic about achieving success...whether it is learning to perform a magic trick effectively or land a vehicle on Mars. Success happens because a person is willing to put forth the effort to learn and has the capacity to dream the dream.
Going to school... any school... is only one of three elements required to become successful at magic or anything else. School in any form, whether it is in an actual building or images on a computer screen, will supply knowledge that you can choose to either learn or not learn.
Knowledge is one element of success. Another is a passionate desire for putting that knowledge to use in order to achieve a dream. The third is a commitment that is strong enough to make a person practice until they achieve perfection.

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