Movie Review - Asylum

A group of students discover that their dorm used to be an asylum run by a mad doctor, with a flair for inflicting pain and torture on his patients (as he believes this to be the cure for their illnesses). The spirit of the doctor is awakened, and is out to find new patients to “cure”.
I had expected something good out of this movie, prior to entering the movie house. Perhaps it was because of the intriguing poster, or maybe even the title. I didn’t get to view it right from the start (as I came in around 20 minutes into the movie), and I was planning to stick around longer just to get to see the start. However, right when I caught a glimpse of the cinematography, I knew I made the wrong choice. It was boring. It was draggy. The cinematography was something that a student could have done. There was too much dead air. The story is too predictable (like I’ve seen this slasher type of movie a million times)and it was too shallow. Even the peaks were futile efforts in trying to tickle the audience’s “scare nerves”. The ending was worse than the rest of the movie. I’ve never regretted watching a movie and felt like I wasted my money on watching a movie until this one. To sum it all up: this is a waste of money.

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