Us And Foreign Online Pharmacies: A Comparison

As you search the Internet for websites offering pharmaceutical services to consumers, you are sure to get a long list of online pharmacies that are currently established or on operations today. These websites can be US or foreign-based.
US-based online pharmacies
US-based online pharmacies are commonly an umbrella of large local pharmaceutical companies. These sites offer wide selections of cheap generic drugs or medications to consumers who have valid medical prescriptions. There are also US-based Internet drugstores that only distribute the so-called “popular” or “lifestyle” drugs or medications like Viagra to consumers. Most of these sites are also owned by several corporate pharmacies, only making use of different websites to market and sell their products.
The US government department that regulates the country's supply of drugs or medications is none other than the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). FDA is also responsible for the latest drug reviews, medication recalls, as well as post-market checks. Under the supervision of this government agency, it is a requirement for all pharmacies and pharmacists to have a license before conducting operations. FDA's regulations on each US state have slight differences, but the rules are the same when it comes to major requirements such as the management and presence of a registered or licensed pharmacist, rigid implementation of secured drug distribution procedures, and the strict practice of safety storage requirements.
Below are some of the benefits that American consumers can get from purchasing prescription medications via US-based online pharmacies:
1. Cheap generic drugs or medications. Consumers can really benefit from the offered prices of US-based online pharmacies on generic medications. The prices these sites offer are considerably lower compared to the ones featured by foreign-operated online pharmacies.
2. Aside from the low fees on generic medications, US-based Internet pharmacies also offer low fees on their shipping services.
3. Online pharmacies that are based on the United States are also notable for accepting prescription drug insurance from consumers as means to order or purchase their needed medications.
4. As for US-based Internet pharmacies, it is definitely easier and faster for consumers to request legal actions on online pharmacies that extorted or wronged them
Foreign online pharmacies
For consumers who have inadequate prescription medication insurances as well as those who need prescription drugs that are not available locally, foreign-based Internet pharmacies definitely come in handy.
However, FDA warns American consumers to be wary when committing transactions on foreign websites that offer pharmaceutical services, for the said agency no longer has control on these sites when it comes to operations. To be able to determine the legality of foreign-based sites, consumers may need to verify their licenses at concerned websites.
Enumerated below are two reasons why a number of American consumers prefer to buy medications at foreign online pharmacies:
1. Foreign online pharmacies have way lower price offerings on their featured prescription medications compared to what US-based Internet drugstores offer.
2. A number of legitimate online foreign-based drugstores have money-back guarantee feature on their offered medications to establish credibility and gain trust from prospect consumers.

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