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To Blog Or Not To Blog - Reasons And Tips Why You Should

Blogging, done in the right way, can really boost your business. Here are the reasons why you should and how you can create one.

Blogging is akin to endless story-telling with just about anyone who would listen, the only difference is you’re doing it online. It’s a free-for-all, come-as-you-are, and tell-it-like-it-is kind of gathering online. You could sell yourself, your products, your business, old stuff, and practically anything you want to put out there. And the chances of someone picking up are very likely. Businesses have boomed because of the kind of word-of-mouth effect blogging has had.

--- Why Blogging is Good for Business ---

Blog sites have been dominating the internet scene for some years now, and recently, its popularity has reached new heights. With both the internet-savvy and internet-hungry crowd increasing by the thousands on a daily basis, businesses and advertisers have found a great venue to talk about themselves in numerous blog sites. Branding may not be heavy on these sites, but content-wise, you could talk all you want about your products/services and be certain that you would arouse the interest of someone, somewhere wherever you may be located. Its appeal basically lies on the users’ freedom to express himself/herself without the hassles of being regulated and limited. Moreover, readers of your blog entries are always welcome to comment on what you’re advertising, without having to fill out forms and leave personal information – a tedious task for most visitors that they often opt not to participate anymore. It is also a good venue to discuss whatever it is you’re selling in detail and eliminate doubts on the part of your targeted audience that your advertisements are just one more online ploy to get you to purchase. It will prove to be a more convincing marketing tool in the long run because you are openly answering questions without prejudice on both your part and that of the visitor’s because you are not talking face-to-face. It gives both of you freedom to be yourselves.

Ironically, this freedom should also be limited in a way that you don’t appear too eager or too arrogant that you would turn visitors off and may even unwittingly solicit bad publicity.

--- Helpful Tips in Creating a Blog ---

When creating a blog for your business, you must keep in mind a couple of things:

1. Don’t start with a hard-sell approach. Chances are, bloggers will ignore you. 2. Talk about your personal experience when you used the product or employed the services of your own company. A positive sketch of your products/services will certainly generate interest. You can’t be an effective endorser if you haven’t tried them out yourself. 3. Welcome comments – whether positive or negative. It is always a good opening to discuss the benefits of your products/services. 4. Thank your visitors. A sincere and pleasant thank you, especially after a good debate, always pacifies the second party and will likely result in him/her not bad-mouthing you.

At the end of the day, you would have reached out more to your targeted audience and you would have taken advantage of a free advertising mechanism that could ultimately prove beneficial for business.

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