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Beauty Problem - Skin Tags

As we grow older skin starts coming out with different growths and spots. Skin tags are one such product of ageing. The exact cause of skin tags is not known. They are also known as Acrochordons. Skin tags look like small growths hanging with a stalk. These fleshy bumps are ugly in appearance and cause lot of mental discomfort compared to physical.
Skin tags appear at different places o the body. The common areas are necklines, below the breasts, underarms, groin etc. Skin tags may appear in different sizes. Small tags appear in a bunch, while large tags appear alone. They normally form in cluster of small tags of about a mm to big ones measuring up to a cm.
Consult your doctor about removal of skin tags. Your doctor will remove them with a suitable method that may be either of these four- surgically cutting them, by freezing them, by electro surgery or by tying a suture around the stalk. The choice of removal method depends upon the location and the size of tag and the stalk. The tag removal normally does not lead to any scar formation. The healing is over in a day or two. Please consult your doctor for more details.
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