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Sexual Attitudes In Africa

Africa is diverse continent with diverse cultural practices. African sexual mores cover both ends of the scale from repressed or conservative especially in North Africa which is predominately Muslim to a very liberal if that is the word to use in some areas especially south of the Sahara.

The downside to this sexual openness is that it has resulted in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases including AIDS.

Despite this, female prostitution flourishes quite openly in streets and night clubs with most of these girls asking for as little as $20 for sex. Off course foreigners are often viewed as cash cow and therefore expected to pay a "special price" which could be anything between $50 - $100.

Male gigolos also ply their trade (mostly subtle) in beaches and beach resorts right across the continent.

If you are a woman and are traveling alone you may find your motives uncomfortably open to debate. In short, men will most likely consider you to be free and available and off course rich therefore a ticket to financial freedom. To ride the fairly constant attention you need to be confident with yourself and in your relations and dealings with others.
Should you come across overly persistent hasslers simply refuse to converse and you need not fear expressing your anger if it is how you feel. Asking other locals for help in ridding yourself of a leech also works.

A useful trick, that might help if you're not married and are traveling alone is to wear a modest "wedding ring" and you really don't need to go to the extreme of taking along a picture of a male friend with a husband-like message written on the back as proof.

Some female tourists to Africa arrive expecting sexual adventures that flirtatious pestering - irritating or amusing as it strikes you - is a fairly constant part of the scene, though machismo is rare. If you are a woman looking for a holiday affair, be aware that your lover more likely than not sells romance for a living.

You may be surprised to find out that male homosexuality is an accepted under-current in the Muslim areas of North Africa and along the coast of East Africa, although it's officially illegal and could theoretically get you time in the slammer.Attitudes elsewhere can be even more unenlightened, and many people don't even believe in the existence of homosexuality. The exception being South Africa, where same sex couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples under law. Obviously, if you're out in the sticks in South Africa you might encounter some less tolerant attitudes, but in places like cape Town you'll find a thriving gay nightlife. Elsewhere on the continent gay nightlife tends to be far more secretive and even seedy.

Finding cheap accommodation can also be a problem for two men wanting to share a room, as few guest house outside North Africa will allow this. For women sharing a room is fine and acceptable almost anywhere.

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