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Exploring A New City On Your Luxury Travel Vacation

You’re about to set forth on your dream luxury travel vacation. After months of planning, days of packing, and hours in the air, your arrival is the start of some highly anticipated fun. But it can also be the hardest part of a trip. Chances are you’ll be tired, jet lagged or both. Everything seems a bit new and strange. So how do you deal with the stress and excitement? Having a plan that deals with arrival essentials allows you to begin your luxury vacation a little more stress free.

Choose Your Timing Wisely

If at all possible, try to avoid arriving for the beginning of your luxury vacation in the middle of the night. Be aware that your ticket may say landing at 10 pm, but after you go through customs, get your baggage, find your transportation and arrive at your accommodations, it will likely be close to 1:00am. A late arrival also means you should already have reservations at a nearby hotel. Make sure that your hotel is aware of your arrival, no matter at what predicted time, so your room is ready. You will probably want to kick back and relax once you arrive so that you will be refreshed and full of energy to start exploring your new surroundings. Make sure your transport from the airport to the hotel is well planned, whether it’s by taxi, bus, shuttle, or rental car. The best recommendation is to book through a travel agency who can set up the transfers well ahead of time. If you book on your own, know how much your mode of transportation will cost and how long it will take to arrive at your hotel.

Key Items to Have in Your Possession

There are several items that you should carry on the plane for a luxury travel vacation. You should carry about two days worth of local currency. A good rule of thumb that luxury world cruise directors tell their pre cruise travelers is four times your hotel cost for one night. Make sure you carry a mix of local currency denominations. It is also a good idea to have a good map. You should not count on the airport to supply you with one. Even if they do have one, it’s probably in the local language. If the local language is different from one you speak fluently, a bilingual map is invaluable because it will help locals help you. You should also print out a copy of your reservation and keep it on hand. Make sure the name and address of the hotel in the local language is on the print out, in order for the reservations desk to be able to read it.

All in all, your arrival will be an exciting start to most luxury vacations. But it is important to plan ahead, manage your time wisely and be prepared. By following these simple steps, you can ensure clear sailing and the best experience.

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