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The Bonnie Springs Ranch, Nevada - A Great Vacation And Travel Destination

Bonnie Springs, Nevada is absolutely beautiful and it takes you back in time to the Wild West and a mining town. You can place yourself in this time period and just imagine how it might have been to live in the 1880's. The Bonnie Springs Ranch is a replica of a mining town that existed more than a hundred years ago and visiting it today is simply outstanding.

The amazing thing is that this old mining town is located just 30 minutes away from the big flashy city of Las Vegas. This city embodies today and the future with the glittering and shining lights and there is little about this party city that would indicate that just a few miles down the road is a perfect remnant of the past, of the Wild West, and that is Bonnie Springs Ranch. Here the sidewalks are made of boards that make that squeaking sound as you walk over them. You will notice saloons, which aren't the same as a common day bar, stagecoaches that were replaced by cars decades ago, and even tumbleweeds that seem the epitome of the Wild West but are never encountered.

Families will especially find Bonnie Springs Ranch enjoyable because there is so much to do. One of the family favorites is the petting zoo where kids can pet the different animals and learn a little about them. Other favorites include the miniature train, the cowboys and cowgirls, as well as the posse show that allows kids to find the bad guy! This is a whole lot of fun and families with both young and old children will love all there is to do.

Adults and older children will also love the gunfights that occur spontaneously in the streets. They are simulated, of course, but they look so real it's hard to believe they aren't! The melodrama that is recreated here comes straight from the 1830's and ends with the hanging of the town's villain. Of course, nobody is really hung and it's just a stunt man doing the work, but it seems very real.

Families, singles, newly married couples, and everyone in between will find something to enjoy at Bonnie Springs Old Nevada. And, a visit fits in everyone's schedule because it is open all year long, every single day!

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By Robert W. Benjamin

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