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Mermaid Figurines – Evoking Fantasies Of The Sea

Jul 26, 2023 By Obiaks 1.5K

Mermaid figurines are very popular collectibles, which bring out thoughts of the secrets that the sea holds from us. Whether you prefer pewter, crystal or glass, figurines depicting mermaids are delightful to have on display in your living room. One of the major collectible series of mermaid figurines is called Syrens of the Sea. This series was first sculpted in 2004 and thirteen new mermaid figurines were added in 2005. Courtney, for example, is one of these figurines showing a mermaid and a lighthouse.

A magical mermaid appears to come to life when the light catches it at just the right angle through your living room window. Throughout the ages, mermaid tales have been told by sailors and now you can spin your own yarns with mermaid figurines. Collectible mermaid figurines are a symbol of feminine beauty and of peace and harmony in the world beneath the waves.

The mermaid figurines you can collect have many bright colors and intricate details. Many of the retailers have a mermaid story attached to each of the figurines and this is included in the packaging of the figurine. There are many of these collectible mermaid figurines made using the lost wax process. This is the most precise method of cutting metal known to man and ensures accurate reproductions of each figurine. Figurines made in this way, though, are very expensive no matter how small or large they are. This is because the process is very labor intensive and time consuming.

Many gift shops located close to the sea sell mermaid figurines. You can easily order them online and save a bundle when you look at the prices of the online retailers for collectible mermaid figurines. By using the Internet to search for locations, you can also find the names of gift stores in tourist locations that have what you need if you prefer to make your purchase in person. This also allows you to enjoy some of the scenery of the area in addition to getting just the right mermaid figurine to add to your collection.

Mermaid figurines are popular with adults as well as children. Starting a collection of mermaids will enable anyone that usually gives you a birthday or Christmas gift an idea for the perfect gift. You can casually mention which specific mermaid figurines you would like to have and chances are this is what you will receive.

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