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How 3D Printed Foods Will Change our World

Apr 22, 2021 By Kayode Oseh 967
A lot of things have started to take a giant leap into the next level and the way we eat is not in anyway left out. Wow! 3D printed foods? that sounds amazing! 
Taking a deep dive into the world of culinary, we would actually discover that so many things are beginning to change. Chefs are getting smarter by the day and the food we eat are getting more advance in their making, thanks to technology. With the several advancements in cookery, 3D printed foods are beginning to take over the traditional methods. It is the process of creating three dimensional solid objects from digital files. Objects are usually created layer by layer in this process. 

One of the benefits of 3D printing is that you can produce complex shapes, relatively quickly using much less material than what you might find in traditional manufacturing methods. While the traditional cooking method is cool, 3D printed foods will eventually take over our world. 
Here are several ways by which 3D printers is set to revolutionize the way we eat food. 

It will change the way we design wedding cakes 
Have you ever thought of doing something outside the box? maybe perhaps try something very unique on your wedding day? however, 3-D printing is here to help. With 3D printing, you are sure that your wedding cake will be just amazing just the way you want it to be. Instead of having that same old plastic figurine of a bride and groom on your cake, 3D printing will ensure that it is an exact replica of the couple in real life. 

It will make food easy to swallow, but look good at the same time 

Most of our old folks find it difficult chewing their foods, they’re often forced to eat foods in puree form. This method of eating can actually hinder the way they enjoy their meal, it might not be very appetizing nor taste very pleasant because, heck! its pureed. However, 3D printing bring lots of hope for such eating problem, it ensures that foods are soft enough while still maintaining their shapes. Some group of researchers in the Netherlands have begun to take carrots, peas and broccoli, mash them up and then 3-D print them. This 3D printed foods are softer, but retain their shapes due to a gelling agent. The 3-D-printed vegetables are currently being served at retirement homes in Germany, and the method will soon take over the whole world...Hope for the elderly! 

3D printing will ensure customized nutrition
A time will come when a type of gadget will be designed to sense your entire body and know exactly the right amount of nutrition your body needs at any given time. The device will theoretically be liked to your 3D printer at home that will be ready to designed that type of meal just the way your body needs it. It will ensure that you have just the right amount of calorie or the right amount of trans fats or cholesterol. This will technically be the junction were software meets cooking. Watch and see! 

It will ensure sustainable foods 
3D printing will ensure that other alternatives in nutrition are achieved. For example, scientist in Netherlands are currently on a research to know whether alternative protein sources from algae and insects could be transformed into interesting foods with a good texture that people will like. This research have become necessary because of the high demands for livestock e.g. cows and chickens, as a source of protein. The world fears that there might be times when these animals are not readily available due to their high consumption and demands.  

With all been said, 3D foods are actually going to change our culinary system.  

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