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Top Scientific Projects Where Men Played God

Apr 15, 2021 By Obiaks 443
It goes without saying that human beings possess some extraordinary abilities. There have been several times in the existence of mankind when humans did things that surprised the whole universe. Though humanity cannot completely function in the divine and the mystical realm of God, however, there are certain things we have been gifted with the ability to do and to achieve, meaning that we can in a limited way, behave like the creator. Here are facts that shows that. 

Creating Artificial Life

After much study and years long of research, Dr. Craig Venter, a multimillionaire pioneer in genetics, finally came up with a discovery that would change the world of medicine. In the project, him and his team came up with a way of generating an artificial life form out of chemicals. Venter and his team of scientists, sequenced the genetic code of Mycoplasma genitalium (the world’s smallest bacteria) and then use that data they have gathered to artificially reproduce the bacteria's DNA in the laboratory. The result was an artificially synthetic cell capable of replicating. This discovery is very significant because it may pave the way for a lot of scientific breakthrough most especially in waste management, pollution control, biofuel production and vaccination against diseases. 

Creating An Alien Organism With Synthetic DNA

DNA is arguably the foundation of all life forms. It holds the genetic code of all living things from the most basic to the most complex. It is one aspect of medicine whose exploration knows no bound. There are several way the DNA can be manipulated and the result will do nothing else but leave us in awe. Scientists has recently made just another breakthrough by creating something we least expected. They created an alien organism that contains the two natural pairs of DNA bases A-T, G-C plus a third, artificial one. They engineered it from an E. coli bacteria. This alien organism can be considered the “first man-made creature” since “it has different DNA to everything else on Earth. 

Editing Human Genes