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Top Kitchen Secrets That Takes the Pain Out of Cooking

Apr 05, 2021 By Obiaks 573
Who wouldn’t want their dishes to be cooked quickly, easily, and taste delicious at the same time? Honestly speaking, Cooking is an art that we all enjoy and love to do, because it gives us the opportunity to showcase our kitchen prowess as regards making a delicious meal. But at times to cook can become very boring. And one of the things that makes cooking suck is probably because we are missing out on some really handy tips that governs it. 
However, you are about to realize some really helpful tips and trick that would improve your cooking mastery and make you a pro in kitchen affairs. 

Grate frozen butter with a grater.

When your butter spend too much time under the cold it becomes too hard, and this can come in between a toastful experience. Try grating your frozen butter in advance if you would like to make a toast with bread - this way, it will easily spread on the bread. 

Batter will rise faster in a microwave.

You don't need to spend the whole day waiting for your batter to can actually speed up the process with this trick; 
If your batter rises too slowly, put a cup full of water into the microwave until the water boils. Place the covered batter into the microwave with the hot water still there and close it. The warm steamy air will probably quicken the batter to rise. 

Make a perfect poached egg in a bag.

Poached eggs are quite different from the normal boiled ones because it doesn't require eggs to be cooked with their shells. And again, eggs tend to cook faster when they are poached. So If you are the type that loves pouched eggs over the normal ones, then this tip is for you. 
Spread some butter over the inside of a small plastic bag, and break an egg into it. Tie up the bag with a rubber band as close to the egg as possible to keep the egg in shape. Put the egg into boiling water for about 3 minutes. Voila, you have a perfectly pouched egg with a soft or runny yolk. Enjoy! 

A simple trick to make wine tastier.

Even though you are not a vintner, you can still add some elegance to your wine enjoyment. Pour the wine into a liquidizer, turn it on max for 15-30 seconds, and let the foam recede. This trick makes wine even more tastier and gives you that irreplaceable vintage experience. 

Quickly shell a boiled egg in a glass of water.

This trick would probably take the pain out of the way when cracking a boiled egg. To quickly shell a boiled egg, put it into a glass or a small jar of water and shake it for a few seconds. It shells immediately. 

Make your banana Ice cream.

How many of us actually know that we can make ice creams from bananas alone? the steps are pretty simple... Peel a couple of bananas, cut them into small chunks and mash to a paste, put them in a deep bowl, and place it into the freezer for about an hour or two. Booom! there you go. Creamy and yummy!

Fish won’t stick to the grill if you use this trick.