How is Technology Messing up Your Life?

Mar 20, 2021 By Kayode Oseh
Technology actually brought us with lots of surprises. With the way the world is currently, one could say that everything we've achieved through technology are things we least expected. No one actually expected the world to turn out this way until technology proved us wrong and made us believed that all things are possible. Without bandying much words, we would say that much has been taken from us just as much has been given, by technology. Just the way that technology brought lots of advantages, is the same way the world has been disadvantaged by it. Speaking of disadvantage, can we quickly look at the negative impact of technology and how these negativities have impacted our world both psychologically, socially and healthily? Let's see... 

We can no longer remember much

Technology is really screwing up our brain. Research shows that people's mental abilities are gradually declining as more and more people continue to use search engines like google as their source of information. The habit of learning things and forming a memory of them has reduced because most people no longer exercise their brains to store information, rather they now depend much on google to retrieve the information they need or to remember things for them. 

We are now Insomniac than ever

The quality of sleep has declined compare to the days of our ancestors. As more and more people continue to stay glued to their phones and PCs, the more insomnia cases the world will continue to record. Blue lights are one of the culprits when it comes to irregular sleep patterns, and its rather unfortunate that our phones and PCs contain enough of this light. Research has shown that when we spend too much time looking into our phones we absorb this blue lights, which can take a big toll on the way we sleep. If you are suffering from lack of sleepiness, then its time to reconsider your phone or laptop addictions.  

Our skeletal system is suffering

The abnormal postural positions to which our body contorts during cell phone use have the potential to put stress on the spine, muscles of your shoulders, and neck. It actually means that the more we bend our heads repeatedly to look into our phones, the more damage we are causing to our skeletal system (the spine). This bad posture has its own repercussions which are stress, headaches, difficulty concentrating, and eventually some numbness and tingling of the arm.

We now suffer from addictions