Magical Images of World's Mysterious Locations

Mar 18, 2021 By Kayode Oseh

Mysteries are usually an interesting topic. However, who wouldn't love it? because this is where you get to learn about the most hidden secretes, unravel puzzles and get to touch knowledge that has been shut out of limelight. Beyond a reasonable doubt, our world is dotted with mysteries. It is so full of surreal places, extraordinary things and bizarre phenomenon which are quite eerie. And, while many of these mysterious goings-on have logical explanations, others remain stubbornly unsolved and they can give us a little pain in the neck when we try to wrap our heads around them. Today a lot of hidden places have been explored and much is now known about our world...but there are still some places we are yet to uncover. 
Do you want to ride with us again on this topic? join us from your sofa, as we explore some of the most mysterious places around the world. Most of them happened to be steeped in history and legends. They are so extraordinarily stunning that it becomes harder to even believe that their images are real. 

The Tree on the Lake

The Fairy Lake is actually living up to expectations. There are quite a lot of things about this lake that are magical. Not to talk of its glittering water and tranquil atmosphere, the lake also got something else that is really amazing; its a living tree growing on a dead one. This little tree actually grows on a dead log, where it gets its support and nutrient. The fascinating nature of this association and all that governs the lake actually made the site a tourist attraction and food for photographers. 

Skyscraper City

This is one of the few cities nature has designed in a specialized way. It is actually a stone forest in Madagascar and the largest stone forest in the world. The forest is made up of limestone spiky grey rocks whose origin actually dates back to 200 million years ago. It was the result of a tectonic activities that pushed a limestone bed upward from the bottom of a lagoon. It is usually called "Skyscraper City" because of the way nature designed it. It does looks like a city doesn't it?  

Underwater waterfall

The underwater waterfall actually proves that nature do at times play pranks. Just to be clear, the waterfall is actually not real, its an illusion which can only be seen from up top. It is just another way that nature wants to make fool of us. Though its not real but its quite amazing. 

Devil’s Pool