Very Unusual Ways But they Can Help You Relieve Stress

Mar 15, 2021 By Kayode Oseh
Stress is something that is completely unavoidable. It seem like no matter how hard you try to avoid it, its still keep coming in one way or the other. Anyway it has to be like that because we all are living things with flesh and blood who engages in different activities from time to time -that alone will actually make stress something we cannot avoid. However, it is a no brainer that stress can take a big toll on our health and rob us of our well being. So it reasonably becomes necessary if we try to reduce the way we are stressed or perhaps try to engage in activities that are not so stressful. While there are many ways we can cope with stress according to medical professionals, there are also other ways which may seem very weird. But they are probably very effective for anyone who is trying to jettison the cortisol. 

You are often told to exercise or take yourself out for a body treat when you feel stressed out, but how many of you actually know that by rubbing your pets alone or by chewing gums can actually help you bring down the cortisol? 
Below are ways by which you can actually relief stress. But they seem very unusual because we do not expect them to have such a fabulous benefits. 

The high levels of vitamin C in orange juice, actually made this drink a pro. We all know that Vitamin C has a lot of reputation when it comes to our well being. According to research, vitamin C physiologically reduces your stress by bringing down your cortisol levels....the famous and infamous hormone that help you react to stress. 

This should not come as a surprise because there are tons of amazing benefits that comes with chewing gums. In a 2008 Australian study, researchers noticed that chewing gum was able to bring down cortisol levels in their participants. After they were given chewing gums, it was reported that the participants felt less stressed and was more alert. 

A 3 minutes call with your bestie might just be all that you need to feel uplifted once again. Having someone to reach out to when you are feeling anxious can help you to calm down and get those rational thoughts flowing once more. Plus you get to laugh out loud when you both are having your normal banter sessions. And laughter is usually a key to happy moments.  

While you cannot just force yourself to shed tears, but crying actually have some soothing effects. When you cry, your brain releases endorphins...they are natural pain killers that help sooth your pains and make you feel good afterwards. So the next time you feel like crying, don't hold back on those tears. Just let them out and you body will thank you for it.  

Bonding with pets has always been a good way to feel fine. Even medical professionals often advice that we should always spend enough time with pets because these sweet buddies have a way of making us feel good always. Our elderly fellows should actually take note of this.   

Crunchy foods in a kind of way help reduce physical tension. So try munching some crunches when you feel stressed. 

Laughing is a good gift to your system perhaps no one can doubt this. If you think that the things on this list are shams, laughing would probably be out of it. Laughing triggers your brain to release endorphins...the feel good chemicals we talked about earlier. They make you feel good within and provide you with a sense of wellbeing. So the next time you're feeling uneasy or stressed, try do something to crack those ribs and you wont be wrong. 

You feel stressed because your body has accumulated too much cortisol. But dancing can actually reverse the process. When you dance whole heartedly, your brain is forced to release neurotransmitters like Dopamine and serotonin. These are the chemicals that make you feel a sense of wellbeing and also they counteract the effects of cortisol in your body. They help refresh your body and mind, uplift your mood and make you feel a lot less stressed. 

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