Make Your Life Better With these Body Hacks

Mar 09, 2021 By Kayode Oseh

Humans have always wanted a way by which they can manipulate their body and make things work according to their will. However, we can actually take full control of the way our body works if only we know how. Though human physiology seem a bit complicated but when you take out time to understand it, you will learn a lot of tricks and how to manipulate your body and take full control of your system. 

Condition Yourself to Fall Asleep Quickly
It can be a very annoying situation when you are trying to get some sleep but could not. Well, this acute insomnia is something you can actually overcome by applying some few tricks. When you wake up in the morning, don't go anywhere close to your bed until you are ready to sleep. By doing that, you're probably configuring your mind to subconsciously associate your bed with sleeping. Over time, it will help you to fall asleep much quicker when you hit the pillow. 

How to force a Sneeze
Imagine that moment when you're trying to sneeze, then the idiot magically disappears...gush! one of the most annoying moments in life. It goes without saying that we all enjoy to sneeze, and in a crazy kind of way we feel happy doing it. But what seem really weird is that why we feel so much joy in sneezing is something we cannot explain. However, the next time you feel like sneezing and you don't want the idiot to mysteriously disappear, try staring up into a bright light. 

Prevent Sneezing
In as much as we derive some crazy joy in sneezing, there are just some times when we would want to sacrifice this joy so that we don't look like barbarians. To prevent sneezing at an inappropriate time, close your mouth, try pressing your tongue firmly against the back of your teeth. This will help you suppress the urge to sneeze. 

Prevent Acid Reflux
Acid reflux makes you feel some burning sensations in your chest. It is usually called "heart burn". It occurs when stomach acids flow into the esophagus. There are lots of reasons for acid reflux, but one very obvious cause is when you sleep on your right side. When you lay on your right side, your stomach is higher than your esophagus, which allows stomach acids to flow into the esophagus. If you've probably heard that you should stop sleeping on your right side, acid reflux is one of the reasons. Try to sleep on your left side to prevent this discomfort.  

Remember Data and Solve Problems in Your Sleep
The stories of Kekule and Dmitry Mendeleyev is not a fabricated one. These were great scientists that found answers to great problems while they were asleep. Research shows that most memory consolidation happens when your mind is in a resting state. You can actually solve a real life problem in the dream land. Reviewing raw material or the details of a complicated problem before going to bed, these can help you to better remember the data or even devise a solution to the problem while you asleep.  

Improve Your Hearing
Your right ear is good at picking up rhythms of speech while your left ear is good at picking musical notes. If you're having trouble hearing a conversation because the place is crowded, use your right ear. If you can't tell what music is playing because of the distance, your left is wonderful at that. 

Reduce Toothache Pain
A Canadian study shows an unusual way to reduce the pains of toothache. According to the study, hold an ice cube firmly on the v-shaped area between your thumb and index finger on the back of your hand. It helps reduce toothache by 50%. 

Scratch The Itch in Your Throat
When you feel a itch down your throat and you're finding it difficult to scratch, try scratching your ear. Stimulating your ear nerves make your throat muscles to spasm, which helps relieves the itch in your throat.

Hold Back Tears
Some of us are quite familiar with this trick but still not putting it to practice. To avoid shedding tears, probably in public, hold your eyes open without blinking. It beat back the tears and prevent them from drizzling. 

Suppress your Gag Reflex
The next time you feel the urge to gag, try to grip your thumb firmly within your closed fist. 

Prevent a Yawn
Prevent yawn by touching the tip of your tongue just as your mouth opens to yawn. 

Get Rid of the Hiccups
There are several ways to prevent hiccups. Some opt for water when hiccupping while some people use the sugar techniques, which involves putting sugar at the side of your tongue to stimulate the vagus nerve and prevent hiccup. But if all personal go-to technique isn’t cutting it, then its time to do some breathing techniques. Hold your breath as long as possible and when you can’t hold it any longer, exhale as slowly as you can. 

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