Most Common Weird Things that can happen While You Sleep

Feb 23, 2021 By Kayode Oseh

Is there any medicine that is as good as sleep? What activity could be better than when we having a good snooze? Research shows that people who have adequate amount of sleep everyday are usually the most healthy and most productive. It is actually the best way to relax, rejuvenate our system and make our body undergo a natural healing process. However, while this natural activity of all living things, often takes a good rap, it can also be a time when we do lot of weird stuffs. While sleeping, we are supposed to be oblivious to the world. But in a weird kind of way, there are lots of strange things most of us tend to do at that period. Although it is not clear exactly how many people experience parasomnias, or sleep disorders, but we all have probably faced at least one such event at some point. However, some of the strange things that we do in our sleep may be connected with the presence of a sleep disorder; but others are, in fact, normal physiological occurrences that are extremely very common.

You wanna know what they are? Let’s take a look at some few. You probably are familiar with most of them.

Sleep Eating

We have all gotten up at some point to get a midnight snack, but for some people, their midnight snacking is taken to extremes. Nocturnal Sleep-Related Eating Disorder (NSRED) is a disorder where a person sleep-eats without even realizing he or she is doing it. This disorder is closely related to "Nocturnal Eating Syndrome" NES but a little different. While in NES, the person is completely awake and aware of his own bingeing, in NSRED, the person is completely unaware of what he or she is doing.

Sleep talking

Somniloquy, as it is scientifically called is a psychological occurrence whereby people talk while asleep. The disorder is quite common in children and adolescents, though adults can experience it too. A French research conducted in 2018 that looked into somniloquy and what sleep talkers are likely to say, found that; in most cases, sleep speeches are richer in swear words and negative content than ordinary conversation speeches. According to the researchers, this may be because sleep talking likely occurs in response to a negative dream situation that makes such impulsive and unguarded speech excusable.

Dreaming inside a dream

How many of you have actually had a nightmare that you woke up in the middle of another nightmare before finally waking up in reality? This is a very unusual dream experience but it happens to most of us once in a while. According to Dream Studies, it is called "false awakening" and can be managed with a few cognitive tricks and practices.

Sleep walking.

Sleep walking, one of the most common sleep disorders but actually can be very dangerous. It is very possible to trip, walk into something, leave your house, and even get on your rolls with this sleep disorder. With sleepwalking, you're coming out of sleep just enough for your body to move, but not enough for your brain to be awake. This can actually lead to you doing really weird things.

Sleep Sex

Although seem counterintuitive but there’ve been several reports on this act. Since sometimes, many people have a vague recollection of sex happening during the night or they wake up during sex, It's possible they may have been dreaming about it or perhaps they went to bed with the urge, which actually brought about their unconscious sexual behavior. As a parasomnia, they are probably coming partly out of deep sleep just enough that they can move and possibly talk, but their brain isn't awake enough to be fully conscious.

In a study of more than 800 patients at a sleep disorders center in Toronto, about 8 percent of patients reported incidents of sexsomnia, the act of initiating sex with a partner while asleep. 

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