Places on Earth With Scientifically Impossible Phenomenon

Feb 08, 2021 By Kayode Oseh
We are living in a world full of mysteries. There are quite a lot of places and things that exist in this world that you can’t help but marvel at. The phenomenon governing them seems like things that are truly out of our sphere. The Seven Wonders of the World may have been named too quickly because when we put these things into account, it leaves us wondering why there weren’t named among the world wonders. They are places that even scientist find it difficult wrapping their heads around not only because they are strange but because they seem to follow scientific rules that don't actually exist anywhere else in the world.

Hessdalen Lights

The Hessdalen lights, is not something like we’ve ever seen before. Where it came from, how it came about, are question that even the greatest scientist are yet to find answers to. Residents of Hessdalen Valley Norway have been living with this great mystery for several decades. The light seems to appear both by day and by night, and seem to float through and above the valley. They are usually bright white, yellow or red and can appear above and below the horizon. Sometimes they mysteriously disappear and appear again, leaving scientists confused about the phenomenon governing them. Although there have been a lot of theories about this occurrence but none of them seem to have unraveled the puzzle. 

Grüner See

How would it feel if you visited a park during autumn, you enjoyed the cool breeze, the melodious chirping of birds, the gentle sounds of falling leaves? You had lots of fun and enjoyment –but coming again some few months later, probably during spring, you discovered something strange? Oops! The place now lies under water that you can only access on scubas!
The Grüner See is a park in Styria, Austria. This park is often dry and normal every autumn and early winter but completely submerged under water every spring and early summer. During autumns and early winters, you can visit this park to relax and catch fun. But when spring comes along, it is completely submerged under water. The reason is because the park is located closed to a lake that is surrounded by snow filled mountains; these mountains are deeply buried in snow every winter but when the snow melts during spring, the lake double it depth, completely submerging the park. This is a normal occurrence that occur year after year.  

Lake Karachay

Located in the southern Ural mountains in central Russia, is the Lake Karachay. It is known as the most dangerous lake in the world, highly radioactive. In less than an hour, you could receive a lethal dose of radiation that is enough to cause nausea, vomiting, and death after two weeks. It became radioactive after it was used severally as a dumping site of radioactive waste by the Soviet Union during the 1950s.

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