Is Sugar Really Messing With Your Sex Life?

If you’ve ever needed a solid reason why you have to stop bingeing on candies, or perhaps, quit slopping down some excess cakes and other sugar inclined stuffs, these few facts you will learn in a few, may just be all the info that you need in order to tame your sweet tooth. It is true that glucose are the most important fuel your body needs to keep up with metabolic rate but how much of it is more than enough?

When you consume foods rich in sugar most especially when junks (foods with so much bad reputation), becomes your daily recipe, chances are, you are messing with many aspect of your adult life…including your sex life. Learn why;

Sugar destroys your dong

Research have shown that men with blood sugar imbalance finds it difficult keeping and maintaining erection hard enough for penetrative sex, most especially in diabetic men.

Erectile dysfunction is one of the major sex problems facing most men, and several research have it that, consuming excess sugar have a lot to play in this-not-very encouraging condition that has plagued most men in the society.

Experts, suggest you stick to "a well-balanced diet throughout the day with lots of veggies, protein, and healthy fats, which will maintain a consistent level of energy for our body. Ditch the high-sugar and hard-to-digest foods like candy, dried fruits, processed foods and fried foods, if you want to get rid of the infamous ED.

It Messes with Your Libido

It is a very pathetic situation and sometime very annoying, when you are burning really low instead of being up and running and craving for some dirty but interesting activities. But you have to deal with that because you think it’s natural or perhaps not really in the mood. But, hey! Why not make some routine checks on your sugar levels? there could be a lot going on in your blood stream than meets the eyes.

Research have shown that sugar can affect the levels of testosterone in the body. Decreased testosterone usually have direct impact on sex drives whether male or female but noticeably in male.

Eat Clean, Sex Dirty

Is eating a whole box of caramel better than having an orgasm? You decide! Am very much sure we are on the same page on this.

If you want to improve on your sex life, dinning on healthy food is a must, nothing screws your health up like eating junks. If you are the type that have tooth for junk foods, it is time to wanna reconsider your addictions and start dinning on something real and good.

Eat lots of proteins, veggies, good fats and fresh fruits, then reduce your carbs intake and fatty foods (junks)-they suck your sex life away.

Sugar Makes You Stressed Out

This may seem counterintuitive, but it makes lot of sense if you know how sugar is being regulated in the body. Sugar intake leads to the release of cortisol (a stress hormone), the hormone plays a huge role in the regulation and management of blood sugar. It is also the hormone released when we are stressed out, making it possible for us to respond and cope with stress.

Elevated levels of blood sugar leads to an increased cortisol, an increased cortisol leads to a decline in serum testosterone, which altogether can negatively impact our sex drives.

Bottom Line

It is almost impossible to take away sugar from our diet because glucose is the major fuel our body needs for metabolic activities. But we can always bring our sugar levels to a striking balance throughout the day by dinning on a balanced meals of protein, healthy fats, veggies and fruits.  

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