6 Most Adventurous Things to Do In Michigan

Jun 03, 2020 By rebecca

For adventure lovers, every spot becomes a place to explore. Still, there is something special about the best out of the bests! And in that way, Michigan is very special. You will be mesmerized, reaching there with its breathtaking landscapes, rich culture, starry skies, and the adventures. It is why the adventure tourists from all over the globe flock here to experience something unimaginable and incomparable.

Everyone is aware of the fact that Michigan means relaxing by the beachside and spending a day filled with tranquility and peace. But your desire is different. You are eager to make the trip the height of adventure. There are so many activities for people like you who are eager to taste the incredible wild side of Michigan. Check out these 6! 

Zoom Down at Crystal Mountain
This is a kind of coaster ride at Crystal Mountain Resort that I am sure you will have a blast riding. Not necessarily, you will enjoy this if you are a young adventurer; this is for all age groups. The ride is open for the tourists who are not even staying at the resort. Go ahead and enjoy the fabulous landscape while zooming down the mountainside. 

Unforgettable Boating at Pictured Rocks
If you want to align yourself with the calm nature, then no stepping back from the boat ride at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore. The lake is inviting all with a bunch of adventures to be enjoyed. You can opt for various boat tours.

You can book according to their formations or choose a glass-bottomed tour to know the details about some of the Lake Superior’s shipwrecks. You will be overwhelmed with the spectacular views of water-falls, towering cliffs to the crystal clear deep blue water of the lake. 

Scuba Diving in Lakes
Michigan, Superior, Huron lakes are littered with several shipwrecks. We generally think scuba diving is a sea environment activity. But these lakes will prove you wrong with the top-class scuba diving experience. Jean Michel Cousteau and the Titanic discoverer Robert Ballard are also fond of this famous lake scuba diving.

Staring At the Stars at Dark Sky Preserve
In our urban lifestyles, the clear night sky is probably what we miss the most. For this reason, whenever we go out of the city, marveling at the milky-way is one of our favorite time passes. And for the adventure lovers, this has an added attraction. Spending hours looking at the dark sky before entering the roof top tent will become a lifetime memory.

Northern Michigan will allow you to have a clearer sky, which is quite unlikely in the polluted city sky. You will get away from the skyscrapers, streetlights, and billboards. The major portion of the state is free from the bright street lights. Because of that, the incredible Headlands International is in this province. You will get a clear view of the sky from Beaver Island, and a dark sky preserve is located in the Rockport State Park. 

Copper Peak Ski Jump
The Copper Peak Ski jump in the western part of the Upper Peninsula was once the biggest active jump of the entire western hemisphere. Now, this historic site is open for travelers to get a 360-degree view of the surroundings.

And you never know, if God would have been kind enough, you will get clear weather to see the three states and Canada from the top. You can reach the top by taking the chairlift to the zero levels and hopping on the elevator. You can also climb up the 35-degree slope to the top. To capture the best scenic beauty, autumn is the ideal time to visit Copper Peak.

Kayak, Bike, and Brew
Popularly known as KaBrew, this is an amazing way of entertaining the tourists through bike trails, Boardman Lake, River, and West Bay. The 4 hours long bike ride will start with pedaling to the Right Brain Brewery.

After finishing there, you will get to the Filling Station Microbrewery and Hull Park. Finally, after visiting Rare Bird Brewpub, the guide will take you to the KBB lounge for some refreshments. Enjoying beer and suds in such an adventurous way must not be missed. Northern Michigan is an ideal place for a try to stand-up paddle-boarding.

While reading about Michigan, you might recognize the state as the place of automobiles. True, there’s a boom in automobile industry giants. Besides, this is also known as weekend destinations to spend some quality time along the shores of the lakes. You might not be aware of the fact that over 11.000 inland lakes are scattered in Michigan.

Apart from this, the state is waiting for you with something more. If you visit northern Michigan, you will discover the exciting outdoor adventures. Many people don’t even know about it. So, while planning to visit this time, I guess you should try at least a few of them for a change. If an adventurous spirit hides within you, I am damn sure you can’t cut it off from your itinerary. You will have a grand trip to Michigan, believe me!

Are body hairs standing up? Get ready with all your hiking gears to have a completely different experience. Don’t forget to take insect repellents, enough snacks, and a powerful torch because this time, you are going to do something crazy.

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