Mistakes That New Entrepreneurs Make

When you are a newbie in business, things can get rocky at first. There are lots of hiccups you are bound to experience along the line, most of which may knock you out if you weren't careful. Although there is no such thing as "general mistake" however, there are some mistakes that are quite common among new entrepreneurs. 

Making things look pretty.

As a new entrepreneur just hitting the market, you would love to make your brand super amazing. You would want to have the best logo, the best brand name and the best packaging ever. Anyway that's quite cool, but everything will seem useless when there are no customers to actually purchase your product. Knowing who your customers are and creating a good distribution channel for your business is more important than anything else. Find the customer, then tighten up all the things that make your startup pretty.

Build your friendship

Building a strong friendship with your customers is more important than the business itself. Your business has a much better chance of survival if you–as the founder–can build a strong connection with your prospective customers.

Listening to unqualified critics.

As a new entrepreneur, it is tempting to want to receive advice from anyone as regards your business. However, you need to be careful about who you get the advice. Bad advice doesn't just come from stupid people, it can also come from self -proclaimed "investors" and experts. Make sure you only receive advise from those that have credibility and are in the line of your business. They are the only ones that can point you to loops and lacuna of the business.  

According to an expert, these are the sets of people qualified to render you advice.

The fourth most important people to listen to are qualified critics.

The third most important people to listen to are your customers.

The second most important people to listen to are your team.

And the first most important person to listen to is yourself?

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