These Things Can Make Your Teeth Turn Yellow

Dec 05, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

When you have a pearly white teeth, you tend to smile with lots of confidence isn't it? but not everyone are so fortunate like you are. We all would love to have a gleamy white teeth if only we had the chance. While some people are naturally born with the tendency to have yellow teeth, most cases are often a result of our habits and how much we regard dental care. Below are things you may want to watch out for, they may be the culprit why you are not having those bright teeth you so desire.


Certain food can surely cause your teeth to turn yellow. Tomatoes, berries and curries are some of them. Of course you like them so much and they make your day glee whenever you spice your food with them. But they can actually affect your teeth in a way you might not like. If you must cook with these things then ensure you add something to counteract their yellowing effects. When you make tomato sauce, add some veggies to reduce the yellowing effect. After consuming berries, drink some milk to keep your teeth shinning.


We all need to drink something to keep up with hydration. While most people often opt for water, others prefer coffees, wines and tea. But it turns out that these are not the better options after-all because they contain compounds the discolor your teeth. Try to rinse your mouth thoroughly after you consume any beverage or wine.


Has anyone ever seen a heavy smoker with pearly white teeth? it is highly unlikely. Cigarette contain a compound (nicotine) that takes a big toll on your body including your oral health. It attacks the teeth and makes them vulnerable to decay. There is actually no positive way of smoking, the only positive way of smoking is to abstain from it.


The enamel (outer teeth) is the white part of the teeth while the dentine (inner teeth) is the yellowish part. When the enamel wears away the teeth turns yellow because the dentine becomes more visible. It is quite of an habit for most people to grind their teeth even when asleep, however this is bad because it wears away the enamel and changes the look of your teeth.


Aging is not always fun, but whether we like it or not, we cant just escape it when it calls. Aging actually make your teeth turn yellow because your tooth enamel diminishes overtime due to chewing and continuous exposure to acids in food and fluids. However, a good oral hygiene will actually keep your teeth pearly white for a long period of time.

Medication and antibiotics

Lots of teeth discoloration cases, and the buildup of plaques and tartars on the teeth, are often the effect of medication. Children are usually susceptible to this attack. Certain medications and antibiotics can make your teeth turn yellow.

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