Food Combination that Looks Weird But Are Actually Very Healthy

Nov 29, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Food is arguably the best thing in God's creation. There are several food options available to us and there are also several way in which we enjoy them. In order to get a complete nutrient, different verities of food need to be combined in the right proportion in every given meal. While this is actually the best way to have a balanced diet, it can also be the leading cause of several health complications when done outrageously. When it comes to eating right, there are some certain combinations that most people think is quite weird and unhealthy but in reality they are actually not.

Below are food combinations that seem not cool but are actually super-cool.

Beans and Meat

Beans and meat combo is actually a meal that seem outrageous. Most times when we get to restaurants and we see anyone dinning on this combination, we often label the person as uncivilized or someone who don't know whats called eating healthy. Although both meals tend to fall under the same class of food (protein) but they are slightly different and they pretty much go well together. 
Beans is a plant protein that does not contain a complete amino acids while meat is an animal protein that does. Combining both meals will actually assure you a complete and a quality protein diet. So the next time you dine out, don't feel ashamed to order for this combination because both will actually provide you with the most complete protein ever.

Rice and Potato

For the fact that both foods are carbohydrate doesn't mean that they don't pretty much go together. Rice is a cereal and potato is a tuber, both have different levels of nutrient. Rice contains much protein and fat than potato while potato contains more vitamin and mineral than rice. Feel free to combine and get a balanced diet.

Spaghetti and Beans